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I have a 1985 toyota celica gt with a 22re i have spark on all clynders and can smell gas on all plugs wont even try to fire on starting fluid just fixed the head gasket and timing but the timing is off one tooth from tdc but it ran and drove fine for 100 miles until it overheated cuz a hose came unplugged
When I push my brakes no lights come on. When I put my car in reverse they do. All my tail lights work reverse and flashers. Only time my brake lights work is when car is backing up
After it warms up, it's a bit touchy about stalling at low rpms.
when itry to crank the car
When you accelerate its a lot louder
to see if it is flopping and maybe have the timing chain guide replaced, before there is a breakage and the resulting damage.( maybe timing chain replacement)
Two prior owners so that it is difficult to say what the mileage is although car had not been registered for a period of 9 years.
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Maris Bibelnieks, Brooklyn, NY
And now won't start
belt looks old and worn, some much to replace ?
I am trying to start a 1985 celica gts. I replaced the fuel pump. It starts for 5 seconds, then dies. Gas spurts out when I unhook the fuel line at the cold start injector . I took out the injector and cranked the engine, no gas came out. I cleaned the injector. I read the voltage at the CSI and it went up for an instant, then did not go up any more as long as I cranked to engine. Should I have a steady voltage on the cold start injector when cranking? Does the CSI have to work for the engine to start?
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