2009 Toyota Camry Hybrid Questions

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My 2009 Camry Hybrid keeps gicing me a warning message "Check Hybrid System" when I drive at a low speed, I am able to keep driving but after turning the car off, it would not start again, so with a OBD scanner a clear the warning (or by resetting the 12v battery).
I took it to the dealer, but it was a waste of money as the asked for an additional 3 hour labor to do further diagnosis since they are not able to figure out the source of the issue in 1 hour ... (of course BS).
my OBD scanner shows a code of C1259, but the dealer also listed in his report P0AA6. and said it could be related to the inverter/converter. when i start my car anddrive on the highway, that warning message never comes, until I go to the city and drive at a low speed.
anyone can help?
When i drove my car after little while it will either make my fuel millage up per gallon or down.
It's an 09 with only 55,000 miles on it.
Haven't had any problems with car, had regular maintenance. Makes no sense to me. What am I missing here before I spend mega bucks??
I have a few questions that may need your help.
1. Does this car use the same coolant liquid for fuel engine & tractor (electric engine)?
2. How to check & refill power steering fluid?
3. At what mileage should I change the transmission fluid & how to do it?
All help is welcome & appreciated! Thanks & God bless.
The gas engine on my 2009 hybrid with 105K miles starts any time I put more than very light pressure on the gas pedal, even when I am driving at 30 mph or less. It also starts the gas engine when driving up very slight inclines at speeds of 30 mph or less. Can the system be adjusted so it does not switch on the gas engine so quickly? Thanks.
What can be wrong ? I live in Mesa Az and it gets really hot so I use my air conditioner a lot. No warning lights are on my display panel.
Could not move car. Might be related to auto setting on headlight switch. Has not repeated yet(about a week ago).
Several days later, would not turn off. After playing with it for several minutes, it turned off.
The car error showen when I drive long distance with cruising speed more than 80 kmh some times at long distance and sometime short it seems like a loose somewhere
Started one morning on the freeway with no evident cause or trigger. The turbulence only occurs while accelerating when the gas-fueled part of the engine is running. Noticed when I got home that there was a wind-strewn mess of a gray, greasy gelatinous (fluid?) On the bottom,back of the engine by the axle and right-side control arm. Have any ideas what (if any at all) part/parts could've caused this?
Where it is located and how to change cabin air filter.
What does the check engine light mean?
I purchased a used 09 CH. The keyless remote is supposed to work on "touch" but when I touch the lock button on ext door I get a 10 sec alert. I can lock the door by depressing the lock button on keyless remote. Also cannot open door by gripping door handle.
Our Camery maintenance schedule calls for changing brake fluid, 4 wheel alignment, and some sort of fuel system treatment at 15,000 miles. Seems like overkill at this mileage?
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