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4 months ago my dealership did a scheduled oil change and used synthetic oil instead of regular oil on my 2007 Camry hybrid. Could this affect a check engine light for an oxygen sensor failure?
some one tell me how do i fix a check hybrid system that my car is giving me,i disconet the regular battery light went away but ones i give a momen light come again
my car is show mw the check hibrid system on the screen
engine can't start
The ck hybrid notification comes on for a few days and then goes off. It seems to come on and sometimes cuts the engine off, when I 1st back up. The large battery system was changed out a few mo back. That seems to be working fine, charging up and the gas millage is back to normal. Dealer ship thinks it may be the inverter their cost to replace $6500.00. What is your opinion?
The regular battery in my Camry Hybrid died. After jumping, the car would start, however as soon as the gas engine would kick on, the little dial would shoot up to 0 and it would die immediately. Then the instrument panel says "check hybrid system". After reading online I read that a new battery would fix the problem. That the regular battery didn't have enough juice to "reset" the hybrid system. Well after spending $400 on a battery I've found that didn't work. So now I'm looking at towing to the dealer. Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be? The car was fine one morning and then 4 hours later I went out and there was no power. Jumped it, that worked to get some power to battery but now it seems the hybrid system is messed up. help!
I have had my hybrid batteries replacerd by a reputable shop that offers remanufactured batteries. After one week the "Check Hybrid System" light comes on as well as "Check VSC" after replace=ing battery several times is it potentially the Battery Contriol Module?
basically I detailed and clean my mother's car completely inside on the carpetswhere the radioafter this I get the bright idea to clean the doors and inside on the dashboard where the radio is. After I did this I could not get the radio to play or turn on now it turns on but is stuck on auxiliary. please help, this is my mother's car.
so far it has been challenging getting a certified mechanic here in Nigeria
I am considering buying a 07 camry hybrid with 105k miles. I assume it will need a reconditioned or new battery soon. I want to know the cost of labor and parts.
How much does the turbo battery cost and is it possible to find a used keyless fob and have it configured to my 2007 Camry Hibrid?
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