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A visitor replied to your web site that their 2016 Camry had the same hesitation problem when accelerating at low speed at 1500 miles. This same thing happened to me at 10,000 miles. How can I find the reply to that visitor's problem on your website?
My dealer says that there are no updates. Why the discrepancy between what you say and what the dealer says about Camry transmission updates?
That about covers it. Oil change was yesterday. They charged $56. Today, my maintenance light is on.
My niece was given a 2007 Jeep Commander a year ago. I see there are recalls for 2007 Jeep Commanders and some recalls are only for some VIN numbers. Will the manufacturer know to concact her? Or should she go to to find out?
It’s onlu when going at slower speeds that my car pulls. It don’t going at higher speeds. All Tires are at regular pressure
I live in Western Pa. Should I chance my wipers more than Southern states?
I had a 2006 Hyundai Sonata V6 and oil consumption. Every time I had the oil changed there was on oil on the dipstick! The oil pressure warning light never came on!
Oil consumption was a problem and when I got the oil change there was no oil on the stick! How low does the oil need to be before the light comes on?
When I check the tire pressure before I drive it show one reading. Then I drive to the gas it shows another reading? Which one is the right one?
I have a Toyota Camry and was wondering where is the level for me to push or pull to release the truck access?
I was in accident this Jan and my whole right side was damaged and I've been back and forth to shop for damages overlooked and now my moter mount is damaged and both ins and shop are saying its fresh damage when I never hit anything
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