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At a low speed my Camrys steering wheel loosens up and it pulls to the left. It tightens back up and no longer pulls when I gain soeed
Being told there is dust on my brake calipers what is this caused by. Brakes were making noise.
Wide variety of undercarriage parts and services available, would like to know common repair cost of bulldozer in PA region.
The dome light will work when pushed on but in the middle four door open light it does not come on
My power steering is stiff. I'm getting warning lights on the dashboard 1. Stability control warning
2. Power steering warning.
Could a faulty ABS sensor be the problem? What could cause this?
Hi, Few days before it shows check sign and I went to local repair shop and the sign went off. For the last few months sometimes car was kicking back or shaking on 25 mph or 40mph. Please give me proper advice.
also the light that looks like a triangle and has an! Mark inside of it is own
a Camry XLE 2015. How often does it need a maintenance and how often does the battery need to be replaced. Should i purchase this car, or a better option is just to get the LE or SE.
It appears that someone, before we got the car, drove it over a curb or speed bump and the undercarriage now flaps in the breeze as we are on the interstate and makes a vibrating sound. What would it cost to have this replaced?
i know there is a tsb pointing to a problem with the timing gears in 2013 camry which is the same engine in the 2015 dealer keeps saying its normal just to void liability some one please help
car and open my door the lights stay on for 20 30 seconds.
in my 2015 when I turn of my and open my door the lights go off should they stay for 20 to 30 seconds also the dealer says no why not. thanks in advance.
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