2014 Toyota Camry Questions

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The side of the driver's seAt thAt holds the power controls for seat has broken, need estimate for repair. This only happened on this car , have three others and never had this problem.
I had a rat ripping out a engine's insulation, do you have any idea how much it would cost to replace
Not sure what this button does. It is not a solid plate between the license plate lights.
The SCO light comes on and off while driving.
At stop and take off the vehicle has been shifting into manual 1st at will. The shift indicator also switches to 1 without touching the shifter. The RPMs of course raise so far not over 3000. My concern is this car shifting itself into 1st gear at freeway speeds.
As you accelerate from stop the car loses power and feels like it is freewheeling for a few seconds and then accelerates. Have had close calls from car behind almost hitting me. That has occurred on the new car and continues with 4500 miles.
I have 2015 Camry XLE v4. Recently, I have noticed the "Check Charging System" warning message comes on when the car is in accessory mode. I see a battery sign displayed continuously.

However, as soon as I start the engine, the warning goes away and never comes up.

Any insight on why this is happening, it will be greatly appreciated.
the Toyota dealer could not duplicate the problem but told me that it had something to do with the brakes having a chip that would not let the car accelerate if you rode the I'm going to be very careful and make sure I don't touch the break when I'm driving it to see if this still happens if it does its going back to the Toyota dealer again for the 4th time.
This has happened several times, one time it was late at night and my car would not turn over for at least 10 minutes
I have a 2014 Camry SE and around 300 miles the car transmission started shuddering at steady speeds of 40-55 mph. The dealership replaced the torque converter which did not fix the problem. Then the "Toyota Engineers" requested the dealership perform two different diagnostic tests and the results were sent to the manufacture and their findings were "condition to be normal, vehicle is operating according to manufacturer’s design and intent". Is this normal?
Will S drive help avoid constant braking on steep hills?

Is it OK to use it this way?
I rented a Camry with no apparent windshield problem other than perhaps a small chip or crack in the shaded area where the rear view mirror is attached. Nothing seemed amiss, but during the next week, a large crack progressed across the windshield, although there was no known impact or anything to it. The weather was very hot, but this seems ridiculous. IDK whether it's a factory defect due to the wiper issue, the glass, or the attachment spot of the rear view mirror. All I know is they are trying to stick me with a bill of over $500, and I did nothing. Very freaky. Any ideas on this one?
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