2012 Toyota Camry Questions

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ran out of gas, put gas in and won't start. its a hybrid. lights come on but nothing happens
car bounces over rough roads
After the car shifts into overdrive and cruising the transmission automatically downshifts to 2nd gear
Only gets bad when the car is on the interstate going over 55 mph
Engine took several tries before starting. Outside temperature has been 90 degrees for several weeks and I do not use the car often. Is this an indication that the battery in the remote or engine needs to be replaced or do I need to run the engine more frequently?
My mechanic says that he can not fix my AC that is going in and out and I have to take it to the dealership because the ECU that tells it to turn on is not working properly. I'm wondering how much this type of repair work will cost in the best (maybe a repair on existing ECU), or worst case (having to replace it).
after i got a jump my check engin light was on and my gas pedal would not work also my cd player is not showing anything but the light is on everytime i push a button it turns off and i dont know what to do
The lights work manually
it sound only when when i turn the steering, else is okay.
It is not the bulbs

My Toyota Camry 2012 has a P0500 Vehicle Speed sensor A code.

I happens when I drive through bumps or rough terrain. The check engine light come on and the digital speedometer(at left bottom corner of windshield) stops working. The analog speedometer still works fine. After a while hitting bumps again sometimes the digital speedometer starts working but the check engine light will stay on. I'm not sure how long it takes but after driving for some distance and stopping the car and starting it again a couple of times, the check engine light goes off by itself.

I hooked it up to a small OBD scanner and the code was P0500 Vehicle speed sensor A. I have doubts that the wire to the speed sensor might have become loose. Could you please help where to look for it?
This was an added remote device. The repair shop said they would have to take all the wires loose to check it for $356.00. Is this a normal diagnostic charge and is my warranty now void?
Bought 2012 Toyota Camery it had 67,001mi, title said 92,400mi. Two wks later had inspected said 71,000mi but didn't go anywhere - 4,000mi in 2 wks? Only to work and home (30mi RT). Had oil changed, took it back in a few weeks fix tire it said I drove 2,000mi but did not. So now, 6 months later from buying it the odometer says 84,590... Help. Took back where I bought it and they put it on machine which said it is fine. My warranty is running out quickly and I bought it to sell it now but it shows a lot of miles I didn't put on it. How do I take care of this? Someone please help!
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