2011 Toyota Camry Questions

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I changed oil and forgot to put new filter into the filter holder. I drained out new oil into a pan. After I finished to insert new filter. I poured back new oil into my car. I didn't start my car during the process. Is it OK to use new oil
When I turn the key I can hear clicking. The dash lights come on as well as headlights.
How long have you had this problem? down a few days.
Does this year and model of Toyota have the capability to tell the date that an airbag light has come on?
but the engine is mostly fine
it shows the mileage average
at night when I turn on my headlights on my dash lights go off and the lights around the radio used to light up automatically when driving at night and now they don't.
When I get to 70 mph on interstate the loud sound stops only occurs during acceleration
On the left side or right time.
It has cut off when I turned left, right, and was on a straight path.
When the key is in the ignition dosent turns nothing on not even the lights come on the battery is fully charge the fuses ar good
I bought my car brand new and after 20,000 miles the ABS actuator failed and now right before 90,000 miles it fails for the second time.
My fan cuts on an off when off hot when on cold
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