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car has 84,000 miles should the transmission be serviced ie: flush, fluid replaced etc
We have replaced the fan assembly and replaced the relay switch but the car is still over heating and the fan us not kicking on. Is it possibly a wiring issue or the thermostat?
Driving on rough terrain made a grinding noise. Stopped to ensure a coat hanger wasn't wrapped around the CV joint.No issues for 5 days then transmission quit suddenly and making a grinding noise while trying to put it in park. No forward gears or reverse works now. Code P0 500 is what scanner shows, " speed sensor control"/
I'm getting a knocking coming from front right side tire. While driving straight noise is low. While I'm accelerating the knocking gets louder and when I barely turn the steering wheel to left following curve on road the knocking will get louder and vibrate. It's not suspension cause over bumpy roads there are no new noises or knocking
It cranks but won't start. A few days ago it started on the first try. Now it won't start.
My 2011 Toyota Camry check engine light and slip indicator light have been on for about 4 days. Suddenly, today, my car is stalling or the engine dies while I am driving! I can turn the key to off, then back on to start and drive, but it dies again after driving some more. What is going on?
when i step on the gas, i some times here a noise , sounds like playing cards in a bicycle wheel spoke, or like a dead battery trying to start up a car, its not constant but its becoming more and more, please help
Toyota Camry 2011

I turned on the car today, and I was brushing the snow from it waiting till it heats up, I enter the car, I noticed the heater wasn't that loud(usually it's loud when it's on max), I put it on drive and start driving, the radio, dashboard and heater went off(only the battery light was On), but the car would still move, I went and park the car, the lights went on again, I turned the car off and tried to turn it back on to see what will happen, but it just didn't turn on

P.s I changed the starter last month and he told me the battery was weak
the radio will accept a CD and eject CD but it will not play all the while the display says CD is in even when just playing the radio..
this problem occurred out of the blue without warning.
I own a 2011 Toyota Camry SE 2.5 cylinder...Yesterday I was at Wal-Mart for an hour, came back out and car would not start. Had a rapid clicking noise when trying to turn the ignition. Then someone finally jumped me and my car has been running fine. Here's the real problem, my car has a remote start in it and every time I unlock my doors the car TRIES to start up when it shouldn't be doing that AT ALL. I went to advanced auto and they check my battery, alternator, and starter and said it came back fine.... I don't wanna go spend hundreds of dollars just to find out something that might not be truly wrong with my car. Please help!!!

**Note : there is NO "on & off engine switch" on my dash to turn my car on from the inside. I have no idea why the car TRIES to start itself up. I have a basic electronic key which unlocks and locks my car.
I changed oil and forgot to put new filter into the filter holder. I drained out new oil into a pan. After I finished to insert new filter. I poured back new oil into my car. I didn't start my car during the process. Is it OK to use new oil
When I turn the key I can hear clicking. The dash lights come on as well as headlights.
How long have you had this problem? down a few days.
Does this year and model of Toyota have the capability to tell the date that an airbag light has come on?
but the engine is mostly fine
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