2009 Toyota Camry Questions

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It just started yesterday, as long as u move the gear from either drive to reverse or Park. The car turns off
my car is a 2009 Toyota Camry 2.4 the AC stops working after 15 mns to 25 mns when he stopped working stares blowing just regular air not cooled and sometimes back after 30 mns stares working and sometimes not please if you have any answer for that maters.thats problem from last year
I noticed engine cheked light is on. So I went to Auto zone. They checked and printed report of "ASE CERTIFIED MASTER TECHNICIANS HAVE SEEN THIS ISSUE NON YOUR TYOE OF VEHICLE AND THE MOST LIKELY SOLUTION IS : REPLACE SPARK PLUG"
I started observing a rise in temperature when I speed drops when I reduce speed
In January I paid dealership to replace cabin air and engine air filters. When I picked up my vehicle I noticed it drove funny- jerking at one point then steering was a little off. This was on the highway and a good 10-15 minutes later. I assumed it would work itself out, and adjusted my seat. Just today I had the MAF sensor replaced due to a diagnostic for check engine light. Question- how was this missed in January? Could they have damaged it? We did a road trip in January through heavy snow so I can't say if the dragging was apparent.
Crankshaft seal is leaking, head gasket is leaking and the oil pan is leaking. Did changing the water pump cause these leaks 2009
The car starts shaking when in idle While sitting at light I usually put it in neutral but it still shakes
V-6 Camary SE, 2GR-FE (6F) engine . Check engine lt lit up . Pulled dtc po352 , idintifyer for it refers to ignition coil "B". Which cylinder does this reffer to for this vehicle ? Please, Thank You !!
I noticed thick smoke that’s a gray or white color coming out of the exhaust pipe,. Car dealer told me this indicates that my car is burning oil. The only way this could happen is if the oil is leaking into the combustion chamber of my car's engine.

Dealer suspects the piston rings are worn out and the valve seal is broken, this will be what allows oil to flow into the combustion chamber.
Brake light stays on, ABS light will come on and go off, tachometer fluctuates all the time, speedometer works sometime. Mileage is not being registered.
My radio had been going on and off recently . Yesterday it just stopped working, some lights flashed and my car cut off at a stop light. I was able to restart it, but it doesn't feel the same
Just replaced my brakes on my 09 Camry SE, and noticed that the outer boot on both transaxles need replacement. The end that clamps onto the shaft has torn away from the clamp. What will it cost to replace both of these? Will it need an alignment afterwards? What am I in for?
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