2008 Toyota Camry Questions

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The security light continues to flash after removing the ignition key, until you start the car again. Stays on even when you lock the doors.
When taking off the car has no power at all until higher rpms. Will shift through all gears perfect but will not shift into overdrive. Check engine light is on and the code its throwing says knock sensor.
this happen mostly when i hit the brakes and almost stopping or when i make a turn into a road to accelerate. it lags like im forcing it to move for some 4 to 6sec then suddenly jumps forward.
My 2008 Toyota Camry started flashing ABS & Brake lights suddenly in the middle of driving.The speedometer goes to zero, A/C gets turned off and the tachometer goes crazy. I went to Toyota dealer for a diagnosis and they said it needed ABS repair and quoted $2400 . I went to another dealer with the diagnosis and they charged $1700. Unfortunately, after spending money trusting Toyota diagnosis, the issue persisted. Now they are quoting it as ECM replacement. What exactly is the issue? Would I be able to repair it? Should I be spending more money on it? Please share any information if you have knowledge about the issue.
AC blows BUT not cool or cold. Right after freon was put it AC worked but car sat for 10 days n no ac after start up! Is this a compressor problem? A leak?
Annette in Fl
for two three seconds while driving the steering and breaks lock then unlock and the car continues moving. its has happened about 3 times now. started after i serviced the car. where engine oil, oil filter and air filter were changed. very concerned kindly advice.
oh and i noticed the car mileage reduced????
its a toyota belta which i noticed isnt on the car model option.
why is my radio always staticy Everywhere I Go? no matter where I go there's always static on the radio it can never come in clear is there a reason for this?
and what is estimated cost.
When I make sharp turns, like maneuvering into a parking space, the steering makes squeaking sounds. I don't know if it is the wheel or something inside the steering mechanisms of the car. I also want to know if it is dangerous.
So Goodyear replaced the fuel pump but gas is still not getting thru the car. So they said that it's needing to cleaned out but fuel flush fluid won't work for it. It's some type of sludge someone put in the gas tank so it's at the bottom of it. What can be done be a mechanic that doesn't have a machine to push chemicals through to the injection system and can it be rented by an autopart store?
My cd player won't let me put an other cd in but it doesn't have any cd in it . Once in awhile I can push the eject button and it will work and I will put a cd in and it will play than when I eject it it won't work and sometimes it won't read the cd it will just eject it
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