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The car just stop while im driving
It stated when just making right hand turns, but now it seems when it rains it goes off even when driving straight. The dashboard light also comes on along with the chime. Double and triple checked all doors and trunk! Do you think it is a wire grounding out or something else that can be easily fixed? It's very annoying! Thank for your help
happened for the first time tonight, happened twice, after I parked in garage, I heard another odd noise, not a clunk but like something falling, dull thud
I turn the engine on , then the air, the car starts to rumble and draws the rpms down, then car quits. It will start back up with air off and runs great and quite. Someone thought it maybe the clutch in the air unit??
I removed my front struts, but failed to mark them for correct replacement. I am starting to hear stress related noises from the front of the car. I need some help in identifying the correct position of the strut mounting.
I just got my Toyota dealer to replace leaking front struts after taking them to the Better Business Bureau. However, they tell me that tire cupping is not a result of the strut issue. All service has been performed by them since the day I bought the car brand new. These tires were supposed to have 60,000 warranty however, have only gotten a little over 25,000 and the dealership is telling me that they cannot warranty until tread is at 2/32. Please let me know if I am being fed a line of bull.
It will start fine for a couple of weeks and then out of the blue, sometimes it will not. It always turns over but won't crank sometimes. Then after several attempts it starts and I have no problem for days. Then I pull up to a store turn the ignition off and when I get back in the car, it won't start. So I sit there for a few minutes and it starts right up. All lights and bells come on...what could this be???? Im afraid one day it won't crank at all.
I have noticed that the car will shake a bit when I hit 45 mph, but it stops around 50 mph. I took it to the Goodyear shop as that is where we got the tires and thought maybe they were out of balance. They checked and did the oil change and 3 hours later (!) said I probably need new struts in the front. They didn't mention anything about an alignment that I had asked about. Grrr. But now, 2 weeks later these lights are on. I called the Toyota dealership and they said it's nothing to be concerned about unless they were flashing, which they are not...they are on steady. What do you think the problem might be?
any time running sitting still, uses 1/2 quart oil
I have a 2007 Toyota Camry with 115611 miles on it the temperature gauge suddenly drops the tachometer goes crazy and the ABS and Brake warning lights come on. what could be the prblem
The light came on last night and is still on this morning. It says to call the dealership - is this necessary?
Sounds as if something is holding the breaks from moving, the noise is noticeable when gentle breaks is applied.
dealership tested oil consumption for 3 months - agreed there was a problem - repaired Aug 13/13
May 27/14 noticed an oil leak - dealership advised engine leak need to replace rear main seal or upper oil pan,will need to remove engine to check it out - could be part of original problem - have not had an estimate ** what is your opinion
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