2007 Toyota Camry Questions

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car won't accelerate/backup as the malfunction light has come on. Car was not used for 10 days
start, I am concerned the starter may be going out and don't want to get caught somewhere with a broken down car..can the dealer or auto zone run a test on it ...have 128,000 on it just had catalytic converter replaced, the check engine light had come on and that was supposedly the problem..
The dealer says the cost to repair the leaking front axels is 2,500.00
It only sticks sometimes
It sometimes sticks but not always.
Fully depressed the brake peddle but not able to shift out of Park.
I pulled the circuit breaker for the horn to stop the noise but the car still won't start. It's like there is no electrical power available.
On interstate it will run along fine, then cut out a bit and run a bit rough for a while then work itself out. Also, at a stoplight, i was afraid it was going to die.
Took it to a shop and they said it needed coils and sparkplugs at a price of $1700. YIKES. That just seem extreme!!! Is that what it should cost?
It was starting before but was vibrating and then it goes off again. For now it doesn't start at all. What is the problem?
i changed both gear and engine oil 2 month ago. What could be the fault?
the transmission kick back when it downshifts to lower gear at speed around 30 miles.
any body has and this experience and any suggested fix for that?
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