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timing belt change camry SE 2007 model

Had it a week and bought it used from car lot. Doesn't do this all the time. Only 3 or 4 times in a week
Moonroof closed all time.
What is the reason for wetness in the floor
The tail light bulb needs replaced, however it is sealed in the assembly (not replaceable). I have bought the replacement assembly and the wiring is completely different. Is there a harness I can buy that makes this transition?
Hello, My 07 Camry hesitates when I accelerate between 10-20mph and takes a while to do it. If I gas slowly there's not an issue gaining speed and once I'm above that rpm I don't have any issues, I have even gone on some long driving trips. Rather than expensive repairs I've been quoted to fix the transmission issue:
1. Can I continue to just drive with this particular transmission problem without causing any further damage to my car?

2. If something were to go wrong with this issue, could it be something extremely dangerous like being at a high speed and then coming to a halt or something else similar?

As of now, the only cost/danger risk I'm seeing is if I have to make a right turn and accelerate quickly or any other similar quick acceleration from a slow speed. Thanks so much in advance for any much needed help.
I recently changed the pump and noticed that there was no signal to the fuel pump. I cannot locate the cir/opn relay anywhere in the fuse box under the dash or hood!
My Camry hesitates when going from 10-20mph, exactly like this previous Repair problem detailed "Hesitation on acceleration of Toyota Camry"

I also have PO codes 776 and 793 when the check engine code is checked. Should I take my car to dealer to get update of board computer as suggested (although one dealership says there is no update for my year Camry) OR to an auto shop to get the PO codes resolved?
was at the mechanic and had a computer scan. result said it was o.k. but it happened again. mine is a 4 plug engine
But I noticed that the steering feels a little tight no sound from steering. Noise gets Louder When you accelerate. Where can I take it and have it diagnosed reasonable price.
It sounds like a soft knocking sound coming from underneath the car any time that I begin driving forward. It happens both when I first turn the car on and when I begin driving from park without having turned the car off, but only once I begin to accelerate (either slowly or quickly). Could this be related to my front struts at all? I was told that I may want to think about replacing them. I was also wondering if there is any way this could be related to my engine consuming excess oil (I am planning to contact a dealer for the oil consumption test in hopes that I will fall under the warranty enhancement qualifications for this)
the diagnostic po748 p2716 p2810
p0748 p2716 p2810 again

p0748 p2716 p2770 p2810 third time
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