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I took my 2007 Hybrid Camry to be diagnosed at the local Toyota dealer. The diagnostic codes indicated POA7F and POA80. They quoted me too much money to replace the hybrid batter plus they said it only had a 1-yr. warranty. My car has 86,500 miles. Do I have any other options since there is not a certified hybrid mechanic within 350+ miles of Destin, FL. I probably will keep the car for 1-2 more years.
When I turn on headlights, dash lights go off, but only at night.
I noticed last week that the air conditioner in my car wasn't blowing that cold of air. So I opened up the hood and took a look. I noticed that the coolant/antifreeze was extremely low and also, there was coolant that was splatter all over the bottom of the front engine area near the radiator. I filled up the reserve with coolant and a couple of days later, checked the level again and it was low. I noticed that the bottom of the radiator was extremely wet from all the coolant leaking out and the smell of it was strong. My vehicle has not been overheating and I haven't noticed any steam/smoke coming from the engine when driving or idling. Is the radiator getting close to being obsolete? Could there be a hose leak? Or a nut that is loose? Thanks for the help! My car has 125000 miles. My car has an automatic transmission.
On my 2007 Toyota camry
Trying to find out approximate cost of parts and labor to replace valve cover gasket for 2007 Toyota camry xle
I am noticing spots of oil leakage in the garage where the car is parked. It is a 2007 Camry XLE with 180,000 miles.
Started When I changed my fan belt. Might not be the reason .for 3 weeks now. Serviced my car. Got new plugs and serviced d nozzle yet no change
There were check VSC on the display & he did the gas cap and cleaned the battery as he found it was corroded. That fixed the VSC indicator but the check tire pressure light never goes out even though he fills & checks tires regularly for me. And now the car acted like it was going to stall when we pulled out of a store parking space forward. He knows the codes are stored in memory & he wants to "flash" the codes so he can check the. We don't want to get stranded somewhere this New Year's Eve weekend in casevit's the Alternator
I have a 3 question i have a 2007 Toyota when I turn the AC on the car vibrates badly when it will stop... When I turn the car off it makes like exhale sound I can't really explain the sound... In the morning time when I first start it and it's idling I can hear a little grinding noise and when it's all warm up it goes always I was wondering if you can help me with this.... Please And Thank You
I need to adjust the headlights on a 07 toyota camray le
Sometimes my car won’t start and when it does it seems like it isn’t getting enough gas I put it on the diagnostics machine and they said that it wasn’t anything wrong with it what do you think the problem is but when I put some fuel treatment and it is starting a better flow little while and then started back
When i drive for a while,, then i get to traffic,, My Car starts shaking,, then the meter starts going up and down,, till it gets too low and goes off, it happens more when my AC is on,, or i am standstill and i start turning my steering right and left,, it keeps shaking ,,then goes off,, I have changed injector head over and over again,, i really feel thats not the problem,, could it be the alternator?? Cos i think all this issues started when i had an issue with my alternator,,and changed it,,
VSC and egine check light illuminating
All of sudden, speed drops and car moves @ 10 MPH. We stop, and start again. Run fine. Happens almost once daily. Is it doing that because the throttle body is dirty or it needs to be replaced? I went to AutoZone to run a diagnostics test and the code threat that it's something with the throttle sensor.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Under my hood needs to be clean
How long have you had this problem? A couple of weeks
30 psi seems so low, given that the maximum pressure for tires for this car is usually 44 psi
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