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will charge 700 to take apart ti further diagnose. total fee 2000-2800. car stalls and check engine light o. is this a good price for 2006 camry. another person said 2200 for all parts and labor. what should I do
The owner's manual just says to call a dealership. Car has 216,000 miles and has had no problems other than brakes being replaced. Only thing that doesn't work is the automatic unlock when car is turned off.
The battery light started blinking on and off while car was idling with headlights and heater on. Battery light remains on plus anpther alert light (passenger in seat with huge ball shape in lap, I assumed air bag) an...
I had my rack and pinion replaced along with my transmission gasket and filter paid 800 is this a good deal. Yes the fluid was leaking. I have spots on my garage floor. And I had two mechanics look at it.
Car is running OK. Any suggestions as to why it came on?
also lights go dim and engine wants to cut off, and battery goes dead after switching off, but when jump started everything goes fine as normal, this happened few times
I have wheels straight ahead when shutting off car, then go to start...won't start. But if I turn the wheels sharp to the left, it starts. Maybe a bad switch in the column somewhere?
also, how do you replace the bulb in the reading light above by the front windsheld?
I have over 103,000 miles on my car
Had codes checked. P0102, P0113, P2195. Where should I start?
vibration or rumbling around 40-45mph. Feels like rumple strips. goes away the moment you accelerate.smooth as glass at highway speeds.If this is a torque converter problem does it need immediate attention?
Toyota Camry Hybrid 2006. Our car displayed again Check Hybrid System, than we went to Toyota Diller. He made computer diagnostic and gave the error PAO80 (Replace Hybrid Battery Pack). So we don't know which battery ...
Toyota Camry Hibrid 2006. Please advise what kind of coolant should be fill the tank of Hybrid?
I am wondering if it is common occurrence to have water problems leaking onto the rugs on the passenger side due to air conditioners. I have never had this problem except with my Camry and it occurred twice in less t...
Dealer fixed it last October and "unkinked" the ac hose and put it back in place. Problem has reoccurred. Is this a common problem with Toyota cars? Never had this problem with any other car! Is this going to happe...