2006 Toyota Camry Questions

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Tapping noise is always there, just don`t hear when driving but when idle or first starting the car it is very annoying .
Someone said it might be a bad pulley or a valve is tapping.
It's not the tires we have already changed them 3 different times also replaced the wheel bearings. It sounds like you have mud-grip tires on. They have put it on the rack in the shop and engaged the transmission in drive and hear nothing, so it is once the is weight on the front end.
Started going on and off, now stays on all the time.
Blowing blue smoke out the exhaust but on on the first start of the day.
I twice overhauled the transmission and the valve body , i found 3 burned clutches ,which are : C0 , B1 and B3
but the problem still remaining . the ABS light is ullominated , and P0746 too. i changed the ECM with a used one but the problem was the same.
When pulling out the counter gear speed sensor NC, the car run 2nd , 3th , 4th speeds only .
Is it a transmission or ECM problem .
how do i run car through drive cycle in order to pass emissions test ?
One mechanic told me that it's okay to just replace the seized one as the other is good. Another mechanic told me to replace both front calipers. What should I do?
I noticed check engine light is on in my 2006 toyato camry. Any solutions. thnaks.
I have taken the oil fill cap off of more than five vehicles. On this 2006 vehicle when I remove the oil fill cap smoke or steam just pours out I've never seen this before on any other vehicle and I've been working as a hobby on cars for 45 years. I showed it to the Toyota Service Center here in Chico and they didn't seem to be concerned about it at all I recently went in there because I was getting the check engine light when I hooked up and obd2 code reader this spit out an error code when they checked it there was no error code so who erased it because it wasn't me and I also I pointed out the excessive valve noise. Way too much valve noise and indicated to me that that was normal I'm wondering where I can go to get some honest information so I can take that information back to the Toyota Service Center and politely show them that they weren't being honest with me.
Mine is 2006 camry GLi.
Milege is 190,000
What will be the I need to change anything..
all the tyres are new and well aligned and balanced.
Carrev up and goes into limp mode,I've replace the throttle body. And now its giving a throttle peddle actuator code
There is no more detail to add. The question says it all. Does Camry have an issue with rack and pinion steering wheel/leakage of oil ? This is horrendous to 'Japanese' zero tolerance policy which I think went out the window ages ago, just as their economy did. Are they poorly designed and make you bleed 1200 dollars at 90 K miles or so ? This is unheard of in Corollas, I think.
Recently my car is making a weird noise when I'm accelerating. To me from the inside it sounds like a truck. Why is this happening?
will charge 700 to take apart ti further diagnose. total fee 2000-2800. car stalls and check engine light o. is this a good price for 2006 camry. another person said 2200 for all parts and labor. what should I do
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