2004 Toyota Camry Questions

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my car has been blowing out blue smoke first thing in the morning when i start it to go to work; it doesn't happen any other time; please tell me what this could be. thank you
I was only told this one time when I had my oil changed but was also told it wasn't urgent. Next oil change no mention of the problem. Does my car have a dog bone shaped motor mount?
My engine light came on and the "diagnosis" was to replace the charcoal canister, for a price of $548 plus tax. I cannot find that term on this website. Any thoughts as to what I need?
could it be the belts are not tensioned correctly
Where are the Egr valves located on the car and how would I go about making sure they are clean and if they need to be replaces?
Clattering noise from the engine. Even though below freezing outside (29 degrees F), engine temp indicator a bit higher than usual. Checked all fluids and radiator fluid was only one low. Filled up with 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water. Noise lessened, but still there. Coming from pulley group on passenger side. Is this a water pump going/gone bad? If so, how hard to replace it myself? I'm fairly handy person with most tools on hand.

how do you properly reset the ecu on a 2004 toyota camry 2.4l. some say to pull efi fuse and others to disconnect the battery. please explain correct way?
What should the cost of Changing the Timing Belt and the Water Pump?
Low idle problem with a/c on. From my understanding the 2004 camry 4 cyl. IAC is attached to the throttle body and cannot be separated, how do you take it apart and clean the IAC?

The electronic locking and unlocking has recently stopped working on the driver's side door. The door will not lock/unlock with the remote or with the buttons on either front door. It also will not lock when the car is placed into gear. The other doors work just fine by all electronic means. I've been told it's the lock actuator that needs to be replaced. Has anyone experienced this?
when I turn the steering wheel while stop makes a thump noise
How replace cracked torque strut mount. Easy or difficult? Rubber inside is cracked.
Left corner of rear bumper pushed in and left tailight housing cracked.
Our steering wheel isn't steady; it shakes and vibrates. If held at a certain angle, the shaking is not as severe.
Is this serious - does it need repair, or is it just a symptom of "aging"?
After replacing my battery, I wanted to have my car inspected. I was told that I had to drive the car for 60 miles. When I drove it for over 100 miles, I found that the Cataltic Converter still showed bad. I only have 57,000 miles on itCould it be something else?
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