2004 Toyota Camry Questions

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what is the cost of the 90000 mile service maintenence?

Recently, I had to get a new battery. When I did, I ended up having to take my car to the dealership to have the Idle Air Control Valve cleaned. Since then, there has been a hesitation on acceleration in the car. Also, when it is started, it also hesitates for a second before idling normally. I want this fixed.
What should I try or look for to fix the issue?
I appreciate any help.

AS you start driving, there is a noise from the rear end thats gets louder as speed increases. I am thinking maybe one of the hubs may need replacing? Appreciate any advise.

I would like to know how to clean the Idle Control Sensor and how to get to it (specifically) This cannot be that hard a job. Anyone who can offer instructions would be greatly appreciated.

Been aligned and in specs; tires rotated to no avail

How do I change the mode the door locks operate? At present the doors automatically lock upon engine start, and unlocks on turning off engine. Prefer for locking to occur upon shifting from Park to Drive or Reverse

How critical is the replacement of timing belt system accessories such as tensioners, etc. when replacing the belt? How can the average person guage the quality of those parts and whether they legitimately need replacement?

I recently filled my car with a full tank of gas 1 day later the VSC Traction off and Check Engine Light Came on. Could this be releated loose gas cap. If I tighten the gas cap will warning lights go off by themselves or do I need to have them cleared.

last week I tried to open my moon roof which I seldom do. It only opened up and wouldn't slide open. It stuck with the front raised but will not close or slide.

My speedometer, tachometer, fuel gage and temperature gage suddenly quit working. Everything else works including the lights on the instrument panel. All fuses are OK. HELP!!!

My ABS warning light was on for a short period and then the light went off when the car was restarted. What does this mean

my car has been blowing out blue smoke first thing in the morning when i start it to go to work; it doesn't happen any other time; please tell me what this could be. thank you

I was only told this one time when I had my oil changed but was also told it wasn't urgent. Next oil change no mention of the problem. Does my car have a dog bone shaped motor mount?

My engine light came on and the "diagnosis" was to replace the charcoal canister, for a price of $548 plus tax. I cannot find that term on this website. Any thoughts as to what I need?

could it be the belts are not tensioned correctly