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Cleaning out a/c hose
04 camry 170,000 miles, engine light Was on, I unplugged upstream o2 sensor but did not unscrew, then unplugged car battery for a min. Once both were put back, I started the car and now it idles very low and turns off, is it a bad sensor or did I mess something up??
I have a oil leak dont know where it is coming from
(Please refer to (2004 Camry Noise Question) orginally posted June 14, 2014, 17.57. Again the noise (low volume "uh uh uh..." is constant when the car is in motion, starting about 30-40 mph. Today, I noticed that the noise becomes slightly more intense (louder or higher) when the steering wheel is slightly turned to the right (i.e. when rounding a (right) bend in the road or when traveling straight but the driver pulls the steering toward the right. The noise volume does not change (either increase or decrease) when the wheel is turned toward the left. Any ideas about the potential source of the noise? The AAA Auto Shop mechanic could not identify the source of the noise based upon a road (ride) test. Thank you.
Recently, my 2004 Camry (with standard transmission) started making a (low sounding) noise that sounds like "uh uh uh" (like an old man groining). The noise seems to be audible, starting at 40 mph (and higher). It does not make the noise when idling or when stopped (but revving the engine). The noise is coming from the front of the car. I took the car to AAA Auto Repair. The mechanic took the car for a test ride. He said he could hear the noise, but does not know what it causing it; he said it might be a wheel bearing. However, he advised waiting until the noise got worse (as it does not make sense to randomly replace parts - better wait until the cause can be identified). Thank you. 21061 (Glen Burnie, MD).
I have toyota camry 3.0 2004. At the time of Start the engine RPM is near to zero and slowly its getting upto 0.75.
Also its automatic transmission, when I press the accelerator it is like not getting the power or something. In low rpm its working fine but as I push the accelerator harder Its not getting the acceleration but it is shifting the gear. I think that its fuel pump problem because some days before I cleaned the whole car from inside may be it made something wrong to fuel pump. Please advise me what could be the possible reason.
Had battery checked. Cleaned terminals. Was okay. I pulled starter. Had checked. Was okay. All the the dash lights come on. Put back together. It started. Ran great all day. Then sat over night. Would not crank. Could it be the park switch? Malfunctioning?
Had blown head gasket so replaced that and had head machined, put all back together not no start, so checked for firing #1&3 firing but #2&4 is not changed the individual coil packs to #2&4 still no fire to those two its getting voltage to the coil packs but why is it not firing changed plugs too still no start
I have to push the clutch pedal all the way to the floor to disengage the clutch
front - both front control arms
was quoted a high price for this replacement
outside window rubber strip coming off from the end or start which ever way you are looking at, what type of glue can I use?
Got it used so assuming nothing's been done.
batery check was good !
Car Breaks going bad!!
i bought my car 7 months ago from a car dealer everything was working just fine till two days ago when i was driving when i started to hear this squeaky noise in the front of the car as if my breaks was going bad so i put my foot on the breaks and when i did it wouldn't come to a full stop like it used to. do i need to replace my front breaks? or is it something else that's wrong with it?
My Toyota Camry has not had any major issues, has 170k miles. Two days ago it shuddered, then stalled while sitting at a stoplight. I turned the car off and back on again to go. It continued to shudder at stoplights like it was about to do it again. Tonight it did the same thing at nearly every stop light on the way home. I turned the a/c off, tried putting car in park at stop light instead of sitting on the brake, and it still did the same thing. Also the dashboard lights would come on just before the stall.
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