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When I put the key in the ignition and it's on the "on" slot right before I actually start the car . Is the check engine and airbag light suppose to light up, and should I be concerned and what does that mean please ?
While putting gas in the tank the gas pump shuts off every couple of seconds acting as though the tank is full. The vent hoses have been checked and are ok. Called a Toyota garage and he stated it could be the evac canister. Any suggestions?
caused by going through big puddle
I drive then come back, get out, and car won't start. I turn the ignition, the music , lights and dash lights up. Car won't crank up. Come back hours later and it cuts back on again and does the same cycle.
After all of these nothing worked at all. I found my radiator to be empty and after filling it, with the cap every-time i tried to start the radiator threw water. The car has been parked since 3 months now. Belts seem to move but the car wont power up at all.
is it a chain or belt for 2004. do you need to change it with the pumpwater and when...
You answered my question about engine noise, said to use toyota oil filter, which goning to do tomorrow. What kind of oil do you use? Currently we used mobile1 full synthetic 5/30. We also used a reg oil filter with that oil. My husband swants to know what oil you use. Thanks
I would like to know if and how to set the cols start idle down. Mine is between 2000 and 2200 rpms. I understand some say it is normal as long as it doesn't remain that high for long. But, my engine is making a noise at the cold start idle that high and I want to preserve the engine, so to speak, so would like for it not to be that high. Not sure if it is the top or bottom half of engine. Could be the lifters or rods, don't know, but feel that that high of a idle first time starting is to high and not healthy for this 126K engine. Please answer this question as to setting idle.
my shifter got stuck in park,I read the book and read to take the little cover off by the shifter and push the botton to release the shifter. it worked fine doing this,but my question is why does it do it? Also is there anything I can do so that it doesn't do it again? Is there something that needs to be lubricated or adjusted? Or do I just keep using this little black button when it happens. Must be Toyota knew there was a problem or they wouldn't of put that little button in there and told you how to use it,am I right in my way of thinking? thanks for all your help in the past,look forward to your response to this one.
when I first start the car,I see a puff of smoke out the tailpipe. Car has 126,000 on it. It doesn't do it every time,but it has the past two mornings. The idle goes up as it is supposed to,and pouf of smoke comes out. It goes away instantly. What could be the cause of this? I just wrote about my high idle,and got great answers from pushrod and another master mechanic,and am hoping they can give me another good answer to this. Just changed the oil and filter,use synthetic mobile 1 5/30W. That is what we were told previous owner used and we were told once you use synthetic you must stay with it. It has done this since we got it and before the oil change so you know. Don't want to confuse the issue if I can help it. thanks for your previous replys and I look forward to a reply on this.
it starts cold at around 2200 RPMs. I think that is to high and want to know what causes that and how do I change it? Is this a common problem. It has 125,000 miles on it. I just purchased this car.
When I pressed clutch , it remain pressed and gear did not change until I lifted it with my foot. I got it checked fro mechanic , he had shown me that oil gets leak whenever I press the clutch plate. The oil gets leak only from the jont of of two plates bolted on the top of cylinder where one pipe fro carrying oil comes and another goes.What is its name so that I can ask the autoshop to give me that part.
While driving if I turn the steering wheel sharply to the left or right. I hear a strange noise coming from the passenger side dash area (like behind glove department). At the same time water starts pouring from underneath the glove department, on the passenger side front floor board. NOT just dripping but pouring! My carpet stays soaking wet? Happens everytime I drive and A\C is on???
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