2004 Toyota Camry Questions

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the seat is moving freely
My friend starts my car 4 or 5 times a day just to sit in it and smoke a cigarette is that adding excessive wear-and-tear to the starter the battery and the muffler that already has a hole in it
The problem is always worst in the cold morning and i will remove the battery head and put it back before the car will start, i need to repeat this process for about 6 to 7 times every morning before the car will steady for more than a minute. I have changed my fuel pump, cold starter sensor and have cleaned the crankshaft sensor yet no avail. I really need a help as this is so frustrating.
I cleared all other codes including p2196 now the P0172 code shows pending. I had to run the engine so that it would warm up to remove the 02 sensor and replace with a new one.
THe lockout on the shifter seems to be preventing the car from starting
I let the battery drain accidentally. I jumped it but then ultimately had to get a new one. I suspect that the contacts aren't staying put. There was a bit of corrosion. I want to get another 6-8 months out of this car. What do I check for? What other symptoms do I need to look for before taking it to a mechanic, please?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Unknown - stopped driving and opted for public transportation
How long have you had this problem? A few weeks ago.
I have a 2004 Camry v6. When I drive over bad road, especially uneven bump, I can feel the jerk through the steering wheel. I recently changed shock absorber, lower control arm. Is that something I need to look into?.. Please help.
Running perfectly now--just bought the car. I have read somewhere that this engine does not require replacement. Presumably it has a timing chain??

I have Camry 2004 it's not starting but the Engin Cranking . The Technician told me that the problem from the computer of the car . Is this true! By the way I faced the same issue 2 years ago and I replaced the computer! But agin it stopped.
What shall I do ?

- For your information ,

1- The fuel is there and the fuel pump is OK.
2-There is no spark!
3-Fuses and wires are Ok.

- why the technician believes it is the computer?

He said because the Car Diagnostic Scanner showed this message " Immobiliser system not connected. ( or not working . I forget what he said exactly!) ".

- Has this been regularly serviced?

Yes .

- When was the last service?

One week ago .On 13th of June 2017 I changed the engine oil and filter and the car stopped after one or two days!

- What were the symptoms prior to it not starting?

On 7th of June 2017 the car was switching off suddenly while moving in the road and when I was switching it on It was starting at the same moment [this happened many times in two days ].After that I took it to Garage they told me there was problem with the wires that goes to the back of the engine therefore they fixed the wires and the car was working for one week .Then I changed oil and filter of the Engine and washed the Engine .Finally it stopped after one or two days.

Thanks in advance .
Clicking noise under dash. Sounds like something to do with air flow. Actuator which has a lever that may be stuck? Motor running the air flow thru the vents?
Cables. I took off my battery, while it was still on. Then I put the discharge battery in my car and my car stop running. Now my car won't start with any battery. Did I burned out something?
I was taking the car on a road trip so I got the oil changed even though the light hadn't come on yet. After the road trip the light did come on, making me wonder what causes the car to indicate that it needs an oil change? In other words, is it because it can't tell the oil was recently changed and it just goes on because a certain mileage threshold was reached, or because it actually sensed that the oil was dirty?
the car is shaking
400,000 + mi - love my car - hiway miles. Had to have it towed to shop after wouldn't accelerate and engine roughness noted. all maintenance done- never a major problem before this. What can I expect in future -or is it time to trade in? Can I expect that it can be fixed and I can continue driving? My kids want me to get new car but again, this has been the best car!
Is this something that can be replaced?
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