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Ok my alternator went out on my 03 camry 4 door. And same time that happened all four windows stopped working. Found one 40 amp fuse that was blown. So we put a new one in. When we put that in. The power window switch started smoking. And fuse blown again. So put in a t50 amp fuse then plugged the switch back up and passenger windows start working but driver side still not working.
I was driving work it started running hot on gauge went down then back to red hot what could it be I replace my radiator prior to it 2 weeks ago
car misses when in Park or idling and some when going down the road. it runs great when I give it more gas (put my foot into it).
Our 2003 toyota camry gave us trouble with a trac off vsc or vcs light coming on. The issues were when we first start car for the day and not having enough power to acclerate and it feeling a big jolt then when slowing down to a stop and turning a puttering clicking type of sound happens. But after we stop turn it off and restart it it drives fairly fine except when trying to go up hill the speed starts to drop down staying stuck at 40-50mph. We got it read and found that hoses by air filter were off and keep poping off. So it was suggested to change o2 sensor b1 s1. Also the 3& 5 spark plugs misfiring. We replaced them and air filter via diy. We believe we replaced the o2 sensor correctly. Well after all that we start the car and nothing has changed and now we feel a slight shaking in the car. We are on a tight budget so diy is our best option.
when you try to crank it turns but total different sound pulled one of the plug had some oil on it
no other apparent problems.
when the ac is on the two lower levels it doesnt make any nosie but when you get to the middle one it makes a little noise and then the next two highest levels it makes the nosie loud sounds like a compressor or something.
Toyota dealership did diagnostics and complete fuel system clean - no improvement. They had no other ideas for solution of the problem. Stated that they would have to randomly change parts till problem is solved.
No diagnostic codes or warning lights
Changed spark plugs, coil/spark plug wires, air cleaner, mass air flow sensor, engine and transmission mounts, valve cover gasket and oil cap.
No noises
I put a brand new starter on my car and the battery is working good. Everything in the car is on and working but my car will not start at all no clicking sound or nothing.
Can you please tell me what's wrong
The car is Toyota Camry 2003(big daddy)
I comes on then stops when I shut it off then I turn it on won’t come on unless I pull on wipers or li
why would my car not shift from 3rd to druve and cgeck engine light on?
2003 camry le wont shidt from 3rd gear to drive. i have to drive it in 3rd with rpm of 3000. tfhe check engine light is on but on one code reader from autozone it said i have a peoblem with knock sensir. it started doing thia spiratically but now its all the time. it seems to shift whike cile lije 1 time then i stop at a light take off and will only shift to 3rd with loud clunk and no drive.please help.
03 toyata camry xle Slow acceleration from a stop When my car is at a full rest, and then I go to move forward or reverse, it takes a second or so for the car to pick up some speed. It picks up a bit, but not much. After it gets to a certain point it accelerates much better. It my idle too low? Because I also noticed that when I release the brake, my car hardly moves if at all.What could be the problem
Bought the car a few months ago it needed a new battery, the automatic locking feature was disabled. After hooking up the new battery it locks the doors when shifting from park to drive, but not unlocking when shifted back in park with ignition on.
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