2002 Toyota Camry Questions

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I changed out alternator and battery it still doesn't seem to have sufficient power everything runs to slow windows radio,seat
. my camry needed a new battery. It ran perfect earlier. the existing battery was 5 years old. if after installing the new one it now stalls. It will stay running if I rev it up. please advise.
2002 4cyl Camry hesitating at 1st gear
I have 4 trouble codes. P0753, P0758, P1656, and P1760. I tried to clear these with the code reader and also by disconnecting the battery. But they will not reset!
My blower motor ceased to function overnight, no noise beforehand, I've bench tested and blower motor appears to be ok. I checked voltage at the plug, and it's very low about 1 volt or a little more. Could the problem be at the resistor? fuses appear to be ok.
happens some times when I brake but only slightly
Lately when I fill my gas tank all the way to full, the gage needle doesn't go all the way up to full mark. What could be wrong?

What seems to make the problem better or worse? Nothing either way.......
How long have you had this problem? A few weeks......
Someone had jumped the 100 am fuse with a piece of metal. It melted the fuse panel around where the fuse goes in.
How long have you had this problem? Couple weeks,thr cars been sitting up
during day
How long have you had this problem? today
was just driving on a beautiful day
How long have you had this problem? just today
Check engine light is on. I need a smog. The mechanic said I need this part change Charcoal canister. I have been drive about 45 mile and back to my house and my car say I still have a full tank. I am confused.
Car has 135k miles; otherwise in very good condition. Gets regular oil changes. Any ideas of where to start? Thinking of taking it to Toyota dealership where we bought it. ???
My car seems to be not getting fuel want go fastervthen 45 mph
My car is overheating
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