2002 Toyota Camry Questions

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What is the cost to replace the rack and pinion for Toyota Camry 2002

Had sensors put on last year buthte check engine light came back on

What is the problrm and how much to fix it?

Cylinder 2 isn't getting fire. Loss of power. Last tank of gas got almost 200 miles less than usual. Check engine light starts blinking. Sometimes the car shakes when gas pedal is pressed at certain level. Just past 250,000 miles on car.

My car was parked for over 6 months and the rear wheel seized / froze / got stuck. The left rear tire would not move, only would slide with smoke coming out from the tire with pumping too much gas paddle. The parking brake handle would not engage. Then I cleaned the rear rotors and calipers, lubed them and installed the rear parking brake pads with new hardware kit. Once again the parking brake handle would not engage. I drove around the block and regular brakes seem to work, even though it seemed that I had to push (move) the brake paddle down little more than usual. Any suggestions about what might be the issue with the parking brake handle.

will not start and alarm goes off. Is there some way to disarm alarm or start engine without key fob alarm reset? This is second time problem has occurred.

suddenly car is going hardly 40 mph even if i accelerate it much more. after driving 50 miles in such condition, it stopped and not able to start car anymore. i dropped it at road.

It feel like something is loose.

electric seat was having trouble going back and forth to adjust, slow. removed seat, checked everything, replaced. Now the seat works, but going forward, nearing the end, it veers to the right into the console. any ideas?

the code scanner worked before about 3 months ago. I wanted to see id it was a crank shaft position sensor, so what do you all think ?

What repairs will need to be done and approximate cost?

I had my car worked on and they fixed the power steering hoses only. they were leaking so added clamps. now my trac off and vsc comes on. it is not showing any codes. is there a button that might have got pushed

2002 Camry losing coolant diagnosed as leaking heater core and need step by step directions and diagrams to replace the existing heater core.

Sheykin n no wanna go the 2 sparkplugs it's like burning

high idle in park and in drive