2002 Toyota Camry Questions

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Thumping sound , loud even in neutral coasting. Can feel thump on floor of car, more acceleration louder the thump. Ball joint??wheel bearing?? So confused..
Need to know the difference between the 6 cylinders motor mount and the 4 cylinders
My 2002 Toyota Camry lxe won't shift into final drive or reverse, it also stalls when I shift from neutral to first gear
The battery is pretty new and tested good. When I enter the 2002 Camry and leave the door open, the indicator light for an open door is lit on the dashboard. As soon as I start to insert the transponder key into the ignition, all power shuts off, including the indicator light. Is this a problem with my key? If I insert a screwdriver into the ignition, not only does the indicator light stays on, the warning chime for the open door starts.
Does the harmonic balancer position determine spark
I was drive down the interstate going 80 with cruise on. All of a sudden all the gauges went to 0. I pulled to the side of the road and it wouldn't start back. A few hours had past and it finally started but would go when put in reverse, drive, second, or low.
Over the weekend I cleaned my battery cable connections and battery posts..I knew that the computer would have to reset at some point..After cleaning and reattaching the cables I drove the car about 80 miles on the freeway but the computer still hasn't reset..Is there something else I need to do??
I can put it into Drive or Reverse but the car will not do anything. When I ran over the garbage bag the car went from going 60 mph to like it went into Neutral and would not shift. The car starts and runs but it will not go forward or backwards. The bag is still very tight to where I cant pull it out. It's about in the middle of the car.
As anyone EVER heard of this happening? What can I do? PLEASE HELP ME.
When accelerating and braking especially my wife's car makes a gurgling (water type) noise and is seems to be coming from under the dash? Just had the radiator replaced and it's still making the noise? Have I been ripped off by my local mechanic?
When stepping on brakes I hear a noise was told it could be abs brake sensor or pump or wire it’s 2002 Toyota Camry. A complete brakejob was already done need estimate for job including labor
It's for an emissions test
Changed the battery it starts no gas throttle no dash lights wont go in gear
How do you take the fuse box under hood off
2002 ford expedition4.8 will run but when u give it gas it does
Car was in a minor front end accident will crank over fine but won't start. Does a 2002 Toyota Camry have an inertia switch?
My 02 Camry was involved in a minor front accident and it cranks over but won't start. What should I look for? Engine cranks over good....
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