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New battery and alternator. Won’t crank. Horn or lights will not wrk
My 2001 Toyota Camry steering wheel vibrates when brake is on after stopped. When I let off the brake it stops vibrating.
Car starts and will run but will stall while driving. Car will restart
Is my transmission too low if it is six inches from the ground
I suspect the car was jumped in reverse(black to red). When I got it the main fuse and efi fuse were blown. Replaced fuses and put in new fuel pump. It started right up and ran for 30 miles and then started limping. I limped it home an now it tries to start, even will run for a coipke seconds sometimes.
It's not smoking or anything like that, but it is leaking lots of oil on my garage floor. The engine light is NOT indicating I am low on oil or anything.
2001 Toyota Camray
Just once. I was driving turned on my turn signal it was working than it just stopped. I have check all the fuses and the bulbs they are all good
Check enging light started flashing, car started to shake just a little as if it was going to shut down. Smoke coming out the tail pipe, and won't pick up speed.
Check engine light code comes up p441
my 2001 Toyota Camry both single light dose not working.
I have a 2001 Toyota Camry. My check engine light came on and threw this code. My car runs great. Plenty of power and now problems at a idle. I pulled the her valve and cleaned it. Not much carbon build up. Check engine light back on with the same code. With the car running fine does that help indicate what the problem might be?
2001 Toyota camry engine check light OBD code P0440. Miles: 145,000 . What should be bad part? Charcoal canister or vapor pressure sensor? please advice me.
2001 Toyota Camry LE V6-3.0 motor the car was made in Japan ( do you have to remove the valve covers to replace the camshaft seals ) also I know that they sell a kit that you can buy that has the crankshaft seal,new water pump,new timing belt etc.and new camshaft seals in the kit what would be a good kit to buy like a OEM type kit and from who and also how much should it cost for the kit and also how much to install the kit and how many hrs. does it take for this type of job P.S. I was told that I had a leak from the camshaft seal & the car has 150000 miles on it thank you
How much does it cost to replace transmission shift cable? Parts & labor
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