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my 2001 Toyota Camry both single light dose not working.
I have a 2001 Toyota Camry. My check engine light came on and threw this code. My car runs great. Plenty of power and now problems at a idle. I pulled the her valve and cleaned it. Not much carbon build up. Check engine light back on with the same code. With the car running fine does that help indicate what the problem might be?
2001 Toyota camry engine check light OBD code P0440. Miles: 145,000 . What should be bad part? Charcoal canister or vapor pressure sensor? please advice me.
2001 Toyota Camry LE V6-3.0 motor the car was made in Japan ( do you have to remove the valve covers to replace the camshaft seals ) also I know that they sell a kit that you can buy that has the crankshaft seal,new water pump,new timing belt etc.and new camshaft seals in the kit what would be a good kit to buy like a OEM type kit and from who and also how much should it cost for the kit and also how much to install the kit and how many hrs. does it take for this type of job P.S. I was told that I had a leak from the camshaft seal & the car has 150000 miles on it thank you
How much does it cost to replace transmission shift cable? Parts & labor
Please provide an estimate.
It makes a sound when you start to drive then goes away . my car shakes when you are driving and goes away when you increase speed.
The blower on my car used to work on high only, then I smelled a burning smell and it stopped working at all. I've determined that the problem was probably the resistor and maybe the resistor connector. The connector looked like it could be burned out. I'm wondering if the resistor and connector could stop the blower from working at all? Or could there be a different problem with the blower?
Car turn over won't start ..alternator.battery.fuel pump rely good so timing belt good to i can hear fuel pump when i start the car but when i turn the key without starting i can't hear the fuel pump. Please help..
Im,scared to drive it it was so for an,oil change it started stalling and I added oil to the car it continued to act up after a couple of days of driving didn't go far also it will start its really loud though and doesn't sound good also it wont go past a certain speed unless I pressed down harder so haven't drove it don't want to make problem worse what could it be a couple of people are telling,me it may be the engine
have question about leak on driver side of floor board which occurs during warm summer season with air
conditioning used. carpet becomes wet only on floor front and back carpet during this time. had vehicle looked at by mechanics and needed heater core replaced and a new radiator replaced. however new summer season with using of air conditioning and it becomes wet again, took it back to mechanics they do not know what is wrong with it. my thought is a drain may be leaking from the air conditioner into the car instead of seeing it on pavement as with other vehicles during use of air conditioner could this be the problem, if so how and where is that drain located to diagnose this and if possible cost to repair. if this is not the problem could you give me idea as what it might be. car runs fine otherwise.
Shop put a 'crank kit' in it . Now , when i put the key in it and turn it , it runs. What else can be done for this?
I have a 2001 Toyota Camry while driving down the road on Christmas Eve the passenger headlight came out, I did a U-turn to go back home as it was banging on the hood and fender (it was still attached) the car lost all power!!! We have checked EVERYTHING!!!! Fuel Pump is good, It's getting spark, it's cranking just WILL NOT START!!! We have checked wires... we have done it all! What am I missing??? Please help!
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