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It started after the engine stalled after a hard acceleration on a turn. Engine turns on just fine, but as I approach 3000rpm, a loud clicking noise starts and it won’t upshift until i take my foot of the gas and then pump it quickly. There is no power in the acceleration anymore because the car will not rapidly shift unless I use the above method. What are the repair costs that I am looking at and is it a complicated fix. I am not affluent and if it is more cost efficient to replace the car, i’d rather do that.
I have a 2000 Toyota Camry, last night I was driving home from work and I was using my high beams off and on (turning off when other cars were around, then turning them back on when I was alone, repeat). I went to turn them back on and they turned on for about a second and then went out. The high beam signal on my dash was/would turn on but my high beams would not. I was told it could be because of low transmission fluid but I’m not low. Does anyone know what it could be and what the estimated cost to fix it would be? Thank you in advance.
The timin is fine, the plugs are fine it's jut not firin like it should
Engine started making a click/tick sound. 2000, v/6, 196k miles. . Don't have the money to replace the compressor, can I still drive the car as long as I don't use the a/c?
Rebuilt engine but vacuum hoses where disconnected, and engine cuts out after engine reaches full running temperature.
The car cuts off when at a stop. After i put the car in park and turn off than on it will start again
What seems to make the problem better or worse? The longer the car is at a standstill, the more likely the car will shut off
all the time and is it suppose to do that
My A/C in my 2000 Camry starts for a few seconds when I press the button. Rpms increase for a few seconds, then go back down and a light on the AC begins blinking. Before it stopped working, the evap box drain became clogged and it flooded.

It is not the magnetic clutch relay. I have already tested that. How do I diagnose?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? nothing
How long have you had this problem? a few months
Just have 1780 code also when I touch brake pedal the reverselight indicator comes on
Start to knock at 2, 000 rpm only car runs fine and at idle it quite where should I start at?
a/c spills alot of water from under car
after replacing pats, I have water leak this is frustrating.

My car had repairs done on Wednesday, today is Sunday and noticed water under my car.
Car has 187,000/mls 5 speed manual transmission
Turn signals n hazard loghts don't work
My car sounds really loud when I accelerate or just press on the gas. Even if I'm parked and I just step on the gas, it sounds very loud. And it has trouble with performance. It feels like it has the power but something is just holding it back.
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