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Can’t hear the fuel pump engage, and car won’t start
I just bought my car last week knowing the check engine light was on. It was throwing the O2 sensor codes Po155, Po135 B1 S1, and B2,s1. Also Po125 Insufficient Coolant Temp for closed loop, Camshaft sensor as well. This car only have 140,326 miles on it, the engine is solid runs smooth. I've changed the thermostat, the thermostat Sensor, the thermostat relay switch sensor, the coolant, the Camshaft sensor, and Both of the Upstream O2 sensors in the front and back of the engine. I disconnected the battery, Had autozone delete the codes, even pulled the fuses to try and get the codes to stop. But it still comes on after driving about 6 miles. with the same codes listed above. I don't know what else to do. PLEASE HELP
I was driving my 1999 Toyota Camry 6 cylinder on the freeway when a bad knocking sound came from engine car died fluid rapidly leaking car overheating now won't start continue leaking fluids overheating and bad knocking noise when I turn the key but car wont start
The starter is working fine but not turning over battery is fine. It's a 1999 Toyota camery le.
My air and heat was working good and just stopped
car seems fine, although body getting rickety 1999 Toyota Camry
My car first started having problems about a month ago. When I started it up it would rev up to 2000 RPMs then when I put it in gear it wanted to stall also was overheating. So I replaced the coolant temp sensor & added coolant. Then I had to replace the radiator due to crack at top, replaced thermostat & coolant all at same time. Car seemed fine for about a week. The RPMs began running low in park and while idling, almost stalling. And when the car warmed up it would overheat. I took it to Autozone to get a code reading. It came back p0303 misfire #3. So I changed the spark plugs & wires. Car was good for a day then started sputtering while at low speeds, idling & parked. Still overheating too. I'm thinking about replacing the ignition coils next. Should I do that or could it be something else?
It doesn't have a remote, I just have to insert it into the car.
Oil leaking in gaskets
Bought my own water pump needs Labour done
Front motor mount broke and engine is knocking sounds like metal on metal tapping
The cooling system depletes and the leak shows up under the car two streams. It does not show up under the engine compartment at all. The heater hoses do not appear to be leaking. It is the strangest leak I have ever seen. The problem occurs each time the system is replenished. It is normally worst when the motor is hot.
about camry
Looking to buy one at like Walmart, not too expensive I don't want this car much longer but need to get back and forth to work
P0171 /p0174
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