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can i take a fuse out and turn alarm off completely
The check engine light was on in my Camry. Took it to a transmission place and the recommendation was to have the solenoid pack replaced - which may or may not resolve the issue. They also gave me an estimate of $600 to get the solenoid pack replaced.

Are the estimates around market rate? I do not want to go through the hassle of getting it replaced only to find out that the whole transmission needs a rebuild...

Many thanks in advance
when the alarm started acting up the horn stop working
Have replaced egr,vsv,and vaccum modulator,have also replaced vaccum hoses,can drive approx 5-7 miles and will set code again. could I be having problem with pcm?
I have to add oil every 3 days
My 98 camry has 107k miles and stutters when I try to accelerate. I also get a burnt smell when the car stutters .
There is no check engine light on. Everything else is fine in the car, it runs smooth. Please let me know what could be the problem. Where to look for issues?
I was told it might be the blend door motor, not sure were it is located.
Had it put on the diagnostic machine (cost $80n at a Tires Plus shop), they said problem is one of 3 sensors of the EVP vent control system-shop didn't know which one-said to take to dealer to find out. After I left shop, the light didn't come on again-that was yesterday and is still off. A code they have on the paper is PO 446-I've seemed to be burning a lot more gas lately, even though driving less.-any connection?
i put a 2.0L japanese engine in my 1998 camry instead of the 2.2L. the engine acts like it wants to start but won't. sounds like a timing problem but all marks are correct. any suggestions?
took to dealership they want 750 dollars is this the right amount to charge me?

how to relace rear wheel bearing
starter will only engage after several clicks, and occasionaly will not engage
Tried starting car. It would click. After second or third try it started. After driving and stopping, it did it again and a couple of times thereafter. Then it didn't happen. Mechanic said it was the starter. How much would a starter cost for a 1998 Camry V6 engine? (if that is the problem)
Moved from sea level using regular grade gas (86 octane). Now at 7000'. Must use middle grade gas or car runs badly-lower level of octane due to altitude. When I ask mechanics what can I do to use the lower grade of gas, they say computer says everything OK. Is the octane sensor ruled by the computer or does it need to be adjusted by the mechanic.
mechanic said "flex/converter pipe leaking exhaust." Suggested replacing catalytic converter. Really? Worth it for a 13 yr old car? (only 60K miles, though).
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