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Electric or Mechanic
My problem is The car runs well while driving and has no problem but once I turned it off...someting continues to work until it kills the battery each time I turned it off. I dont know what it continues to make a repeated click sound similar to the one of central lock. This is after turning the car this keeps working until it kills the battery so when i come again to run it, it is already dead.
The sound comes from the front passenger left side of the engine...from the place where the passenger put hisl/her legs...and when u open the bonnet it seems close to the fuse box on the left side of the engine.
Not getting brake fluid to driver rear caliper.. I change the hose to the caliper brand new.Also bought a new caliper,but still can't get brake fluid to driver rear caliper..I'm puzzled
constant leak /heavy
I believe I have the speedometer issue resolved. I'm gonna replace the instrument cluster. The oil leak. I believe I have 2 leaks. One near middle of engine and one by the right front tire. After reading some of the q &a. At 187k I'm overdue for the timing belt, w/ water pump and seals. I would really like to find a good fair mechanic in my area. Then come up with a plan to start doing necessary repairs and maintenance. I would even consider engine replacement but only with a new or rebuilt engine...Any advice or ideas on how to proceed appreciated...
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Heavier oil weight
How long have you had this problem? 6 months
When humidity is high, check engine light comes on, odometer stops working, ,1st gear revs high before shifting to 2nd gear. The check engine light always goes off before I can get the car in for service. Mechanic unable to run diagnostic test.
Key will turn over to acc but won't turn any further
My car starts to stall when I slow down while the air conditioner is on. The temperature is fine. And this only happens when the air is on and sometimes when it's hot out
When the car is parked in the sun for a period of time the odometer and speedometer will not work until the AC is on for awhile
took car to auto station. He said that the radiator and the engine gasket has to be replaced. Mileage on car is 133k. Is it worth to spend money (around $2000) on that?Please advise..Thanks
The key will unlock the steering but won't fully turn into ACC and will not start even when using the remote starter it will not turn in the ignition. tried both keys worked perfectly fine up to shutting the car off then trying to start it back up an hour later
I have used Throttle body cleaner and sprayed inside the throttle body and this seems to help for a small time but then it goes back to an uneven idle. I don't know if these problems correlate, but I am also experiencing a malfunction when switching from defrost to other settings. It will always stay on and the airflow will not switch to any other setting.
It is NOT the battery!
All power indicators are Strong!?
error code p135
cleared codes after 10 min driving cel comes right back on. need tags for car
Step by step instructions
I've put on two different sets of wires in six months put new on fixes the problem but a few months later starts missing again
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