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As the car is driven coolant moves into the reservoir. Eventually it overflows, and runs hot until coolant is moved back into engine. No other visible external leaks. Approximately 200,000 miles. New radiator, new heater core. New thermostat.
I've been having to start my car by touching a wire from the cut starter wire to the positive side of the battery
check engine light came on-the code said it was transmission solenoids. Carried it to transmission shop-they did a computer diagnostic and said they would replace both shift solenoids. That was 2 1/2 years ago. I have never had any shifting problems with transmission so I have not done anything. Should I go ahead and have them replaced or wait until I start to notice any problems??
The moonroof tilts up and down fine, it no longer slides open. When you push the switch, you hear it respond, but no motion. If broken cable(s), is that a difficult task?
My back windows work fine..The front driver window is stuck noise when pushing the switch. The front passenger window is stuck closed.Will move like 1/4 inch up and down, that's all.I am broke and was wondering if we could change out the back motors, regulators or whatever it needs, to the front.Are they interchangeable? I know left to right isn't but thought maybe front to back might be. I don't care if the back windows work or not. Thanks!
when 1st start up in morning car run fine, after sitting while @ work and traveling home. Speedometer shut off and car begins to shift up and down (4000 rpm) afterward shifts okay,odometer all a sudden reappears blinking car trans begin to shift up and dwn.
stabilizes once odometer reset (stop blinking).
shift gear later than usual ,car can be felt jumping to second gear at 30km/h,when wheels are fully turned can not reverse cant pull upwards on steep roads
car ran fine until my dad fixed the his dash lights , never started after that pulled plug checked fire ( no fire ) checking fuel tomorrow.
as per dealer invoice info:
CONDITION-replace EGR modulator as per prev diagnosis on previous issue of engine light coming on. dealer at time of diagnosing issue charged me $132.83 no repair done at that time
CORRECTION- removed and replaced EGR vacuum modulator as previously diagnosed. Cleared DTC's, road tested to confirm ok
Well know the engine light is now back on, what could causing this again??
dash lights work now but / car will not start / started good until we fixed the dash lights?
The vehicle is fitted with a security system. It is cranking but not starting. How will I disarm the system manually and get it to run?
Hi There. When I take my foot of the gas (40-50km) the motor is noticeably jumpy. This movement also travels up through the gear stick. It's as if the whole gearbox and motor is moving. BTW, it's a manual trans.

I've already replaced the dog bone mount on top of the engine thinking that was the problem, but not the lower font and back mounts as they appear solid, but I could also be wrong about that.

Does this sound like an engine mount problem or something else?

Thanks. Dallas.
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