1997 Toyota Camry Questions

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front end shakes violently when accelerating
Replaced passenger side front strut and now car shakes
If the timing belt would break, would it destroy the engine? I have different answers from different dealers.
Please let me know what it should cost for front and rear struts including labor
How much should it cost to replace front and rear including labor, i was quoted almost 1900
Car is getting fire and fuel but will not start
whereis map sensor located
where is map sensor located
Car is running fine, not overheating, oil light not on. Took my car in for a regular routine oil change, was told we will not be able to change your oil, because you have oil in the cooling system. What does this mean, how did this happen and what will this cost to fix?
Car shifts into 1st, 2nd, 3rd and into overdrive before the car reaches 30 MPH. It can be shifted manually into all gears and the engine reaches full RPMs in all gears. Throttle position sensor has been replaced twice with Advance Auto an once with a OEM sensor. Check engine light remains on and shift problem continues.

Any suggestions will be welcomed.
Suddendly none of my windows will go up or down. First time since I have owned the car.
How to clean the MAF sensor or how to replace.
About a year ago I had the valve cover gasket replaced, a new air filter, and the throttle body cleaned. As I pulled out of the shop's parking lot, I noticed a vibration by the accelerator and unusually loud engine noise when I accelerated. I immediately took the vehicle back to the mechanic, but he could find no reason for the change. I saw an article about cars that had a tube in the engine compartment that plugged into the exhaust pipe, before the catalytic converter, which sometimes broke or rusted off. Could this possibly be the cause of the excess noise? How would I have this diagnosed (if that is the source of the noise)?
The light bulb is out in my gear shift. How do I get to it to replace it?
Key will unlock steering column but then gets stuck, brake pedal switch? Have tried original keys and copies, all use to work, has been a problem but usually putting pressure on steering wheel allowed the key to turn.
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