1997 Toyota Camry Questions

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My car will only mive if i put fluid in it every time i mive but Dont see where its coming out from
Just 'wont start
Blinkers not working, when I put fuse in it fail.
Want to know if 97 Toyota Camry has a interface engine
The temperature gauge is not getting hot but both the intake tube and out take tube are sucking in and I hear a gurgling noise when I turn the car off
I need ANSWERS PLEASE !!! 1997 Toyota Camry hot air coming from emergency brake area
I just don't know where the fuse box is
I have not found a box/button/switch of any kind on the dash, under the dash, by the brake pedal, or under the drivers seat. When I unhook the battery for repairs the horn flashes and maybe the lights but I'm to busy to notice as I try to get the key in to turn it off. There is a red light built into the dash that when on you can see in the dark. I have three keys that came with the car and use the Toyota's. I pulled two of the horn fuses but the horn still goes off. Just found there are two horns. The car rearms it self seemingly whenever it feels like it. The only thing that seems to work is to watch for the light coming on and turning it off by turning the key left 3 times then right 3 times . That turns the light/alarm off. Got a remote and it says to just pin 2 to 10 on the power mirror switch then program the remote when the locks cycle. It will be faster than a key if the alarm goes off. Other than that I'm going to check for stuck/shorted door and trunk switches. Anyone have ANY other ideas???.
Heard clicking noises after locking car. Won't start now. Tried on locking door twice with key, then doing the off to on position with key 5 times then start (which worked a couple months ago) and now nothing.. unable to find a reset button under dash or toggle!!!
I want to know if my 1997 Toyota Camry has a interference engine in it? And I need a picture of a 1997 toyta camry
Engine has compression, is getting spark and will run if gas is self fed. Why won't it turn over and run on its own?
Won't start. Put in a new battery. Still wont start.Lights in the car flashing when open door and when try to start. Not turning over at all.
The car starts but idle high and is weak.. what could be the problem
Power steering fluid goes through a two quarts a day in overflow jug
P0401 code
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