1996 Toyota Camry Questions

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will a bad and leaking oil sending plug make the engine run bad and give out codes even though i replace the codes problems
Nothing dripping under car....110,000 original miles, original timing belt and water pump. Just paid 1000. bucks for the car....clean Carfax, 1 owner. When should I change the timing belt once I find the fluid leak. Car runs fine, not overheating, everything works.
How much does it cost to do a Timing kit with water pump and harmonic balancer
when driving my car it lurches suddenly to the right, one moment the steering wheel will be straight and after making a right turn the car lurches to the right and the steering wheel is no longer straight but stuck in a "right turn" position even though the car drives straight. Also when driving a straight strip of rode it lurches. before the car lurched to the left, took it to an alignment shop, and now it lurches to the right. any possible reasons for this??
can i replace this and boot myself
When I am driving at night the back light are not on unless I hit my brakes, The lights on the dash board is out also. The head lights work, hazardous light work, turn signals work. One mechanic said it was an electrical problem and would cost $1000 or more to fix. Another mechanic said it was a switch. One mechanic checked all bulbs. Please help cannot afford to buy another car.
When i start my car i cant put it in reverse the button is locked i have to turn my weel from left to right for it to un lock n go in to reverse
My daughter-in-law pulled in the garage turn the car off Went to go to work the next day car will not start has spark and has fuel tried ether and is not even trying to start checked all the fuses tested all theall the relays they're opening closing just fine pulled the spark plug wire out put a screwdriver and it has good spark what do you think it may be
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