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Where is the RFI capacitor for the 1996 Toyota Camry located?
There was no loud sound and the engine runs fine but when you place it into park the emergency brake must be used to keep it from rolling. Whats wrong and what needs to be repaired?
from a tow company and I am anxious as heck to drive 3 years without a car and Im 58 now but 3 years ago sold my truck needing money had stage 3 breast cancer & kept me from work, finally got a little extra money and bought this 96 Camry, I have not even driven it more than a couple blocks, so if you can PLEASE HELP. I started up fine but it has 2 yrs back reg.costs as much as I paid no $ tinl next week tried to start 1 week later NO GO, my daughter brought different battery and install start and moved parking spaces (u no no reg) Then again a week later and it boom started right up. 2 days later TE NADA nothing!! well the rmmmm rrmm sound then cleak cleak , courtesy lights on in the ignition isnt going to the rrmm rmm then a dying slow rrmm it sounds strong it just never gets to turn over. I saw the alarm in the center column and I was messing with it I pressed it thought since it never went off when, so you think its the alarm? advise advice please PLEASE
When I take off the first gear won't catch right away but all other gears work just fine what could it be?
replaced head gasket on car and redoning vac hose, have it completed, yet the vac hose from plum and along the back to map sensor is causing rpm to increase by 1500 or more yet when its off runs at approx 1000 rpm. tried another map sensor same thing, Any help how to fix
Car won't start. Tried charging and the lights came on when the wires were on but once tries turning it over, it clicked once and all lights went out. Readjusted the wires on terminals and lights came back on but the same thing happens. Tried jumping with another car and pretty much the same result just now the ground arcs when we try to turn the key over.
I am replacing converter in front, codes P0770 and P0110 are coming up. Am not able to pass smog. This is the first time these situations have come up since owning this great car. Do I need to replace all of these parts to pass smog?

What seems to make the problem better or worse? Worse in 1st 2nd and 3rd
How long have you had this problem? 2 days
Fluid is good May have lost the overdrive solenoid that engages the o.d. because i have a light on and i haven't checked the code yet but i wonder where this solenoid is located or where can i find a picture of the location in the trans.
Broke the antenna off.
My car just stopped me when i slowed down to make a turn and since then its has refused to start. we have checked the fuel pump it is working okay, we have checked the coil it is also working.
After trying to start noticed smoke coming from large black box located driver side
Can it be bypassed?
My '96 Camry started fine yesterday and drove it to the bank. When I turned the car off, I noticed all of the indicator lights stayed on even when I took the key out of the ignition. I happened to press the brake and all the lights shut on and off as I pressed and released the brake. Very weird. I tried to start the car again and it was hard to turn over, but it did start. I turned the car off again and all the indicator lights shut off as normal and restarting was not a problem at all. I then went to another store and the same thing happened. I pressed the brake and the indicators turned off. When I finished shopping, I started the car with no issues, but when I when to engage into reverse, the safety lock on the shifter wouldn't let me go into gear. I pressed the brake, still nothing. I also noticed my brake lights would not turn on when the brake was pressed. They were working just 2 hours before. Needless to say, I was stuck in the parking lot which is a whole other story. What can be happening here, because I don't think it's the brakes themselves. I think something is creating havoc in the system, but I don't know what. Any ideas? Suggestions? Tom
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