1995 Toyota Camry Questions

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what would happen is when im driving the car it there are times of me driving it were it would run fine for a while untill it starts to heat up then everytime i would give it some gas it would go to die then accelorate while in drive when i would go to put the car in park it would idle up to about 2000 RPM and hold steady then slowly creep down to 1000 RPM then just die and when i would go to try and start it, it would just rev thats it and it would take like 10 or 20 mins for it to even attempt to start again but when it does start it sounds like only 2 or 3 of the cylinders are firing untill i gas it up and then they all start firing again and its just a cycle of me getting the car started and it just dieing untill its had a chance to cool off or take a break... idk if its a faulty Distributor cap or i got a sensor on the throttle body going out anyone give me any sort of clue :/ please

How can you tell if they need replacing, even at 150,000 miles?

When the ignition on the car is @ the off position the lights on the dash board stay on. Where can I start looking first.

check engine light keeps comming on

Changed CV axles, broke ABS to front right, ABS light on, but car ran fine, then tranmission disengaged. A few days later, start, works for just a few miles then same thing. Shift selector lights don't come on right now that I look at them with car not moving only grinding noise. 159,000 miles.

Happens every time I want to signal to turn right.

Run great or about a month and then battery needs to be replaced again

you can put the car in reverse and it acts like neutrul and when on the exspressway car will not shift into 4th gear

1995 toyota camry 2.2

i have got horrible prices to have this done

95 Camry, usually between 55-60mph, car feel like it's driving on rumble strips. If I push on gas or let off it it will stop, and drive normal through that speed? Took it to shop they said mabey tranny lockbox needs replaced? Gotta go to Philly in 3 weeks trying to get to the bottom of this more annoyance than anything else. Oh yeah the stutter for lack of a better word does NOT cause loss of power or engine issues. I don't hear anything else just vibrates the whole car until I either gas it or let off then gas it again??

my motor works. i have no movement when i press the switch.

Trying to install the replacement belt but pump pulley is at max tension. need to release tension to allow belt to go on

Battery works fine. ran fine home 2 days later nothing engine doesnt even make a effort to start no clicking sound or nothing if i try to start it the time displays goes dim thats it. What could it be?

So, I sea foamed my car(twice). First time I did 2/3 in the tank, and 1/3 in the vacuum line(no oil because I couldn't afford an oil change at the time).

2nd time I put the whole thing in the vacuum line and now fuel smell occurs. No smoke, but now it smells like fuel. What's that?