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At gas station attendant forgot to close hood all the way after oil change. Hood flew up while driving. I tied it down with rope. Hood release was still working so I could put oil in engine, it closed and locked from outside Then 1 week later when mechanic checking outside latch he pulled hood release too hard and it broke. Now hood can not even close. I am wondering if it is the hood release or the hood release and the cable. If it is the cable can it be fixed. What is the cost of labor for hood release or hood release and cable.

I need to replace all my dashboard bulbs, which include the warning and error lights, dash illumination for engine temperature, tach, and speedometer, and transmission setting indicators (park, reserve, neutral, drive, 2nd gear, and 1st gear). Please respond via Thanks

I have already found this price on parts: $162.45 1995 Toyota Camry Timing Belt Kit with Water Pump for V6 3.0L ( Gates)

how much should it cost to get the water pump and timing belt changed


Occurred recently and was not smog tested in San Diego.

Car has been sitting in garage for a few years, not used until recently. Replaced batt., runs okay but with bad bruning/stinky exhaust. No engine lights come on. The rear tires might have an issue causing car shaking a bit on high speed. Please help.

New plugs and wires and internal coil. No check engine lights. 1995 camera 2.2 ltr, has 187,000 miles. Still starts good but rough idel comes and goes every 10 to 15 seconds especially when warm loss of power has not stalled completely but acts like it will .

lost spark. car began hard cold starts. eventually no start. checked ohms for coil and distributor; both fell within specs. put new coil on and still no spark. switched back to old coil put different igniter on and still no spark. New cap and rotor. 1995 toyota 2.2L CAL. emissions with external coil