1995 Toyota Camry Questions

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Check engine light comes on, O/D flashing

High milage, was running fine. On freeway about 70 mph and started running bad. Check engine light. Ran codes, return 31,41,52, addressed all 3, still missing, test drive engine light again, ran code one return, 25. Replaced ox sensor now no light for checking engine, but runs like crap. No power and missing. Replaced cap plugs, test wires. All good. Still no power, missing. Pulling plugs after running I notice all dry except num 1

I tried to start up my car today and it just said click, click, click. But all my dash lights work and my radio is still plays. I played with it a few more time and it wouldn't say anything but lights were still fine. I sat there for a little longer and finally tried again and it started turning over but it took a fee tries and it finally started up again.. It has been doing this to me for about a month now but it's slowly getting worse.

The security system stop working. When you open the door the horn will blow. You raise the hood the horn will blow. You turn the ignite switch on, but the motor will not turn over.

how do I remove the plugs or the plug sleeves?

ongoing problem ,speedometer reads too slow or not at all

Head gasket blow

changed starter relays still nothing new batt ??????? PLEASE HELP ME

thinking crankshaft position sensor? Where it located and what is the best way to diagnoe for sure

I barely replaced the spark plugs and oxegen sensors and air filter after 4 years and about 1 year ago i replaced the cataytic converter what could be the problem even if the windows are closed i could still smell smog inside the car.and even when i am park and emgine on i can smell the smog inside the car.

Now I use four quarts of oil for every 70 miles that I drive. Where do you think the oil is leaking from

At gas station attendant forgot to close hood all the way after oil change. Hood flew up while driving. I tied it down with rope. Hood release was still working so I could put oil in engine, it closed and locked from outside Then 1 week later when mechanic checking outside latch he pulled hood release too hard and it broke. Now hood can not even close. I am wondering if it is the hood release or the hood release and the cable. If it is the cable can it be fixed. What is the cost of labor for hood release or hood release and cable.