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Just started doing it. Won't stop unless I'm over 45 or under 20.keeps going back and forth
The car starts and I can shift the gears the park like the neutral light and the reverse light all work but the drive light will not work and the car won't move until you hit a high RPM what is it
one day its cold the next day its hot sometimes its both
Tell me why my windshield wipers stopped working?
It is coming from the driver side under the dash on the 1995 Toyota Camry and it start right after you start the car
My toyota camry is a 94/95. It will not start it just clicks when I turn the key. The windows, lights and every thing else works fine. We pumped the gas and break for a while and it worked but now it's not. It started having this problam at the beginning of fall. Is it the starter?
when I first start the car in the morning or during the day,and then accelerate forward it surges about three times until it drives smoothly.I usually try to accelerate slowly to get it to stop.
The 96 has a crank sensor I was told to disregard the sensor when installing 96 into my 95 2.2
Every time I start the car , it stays running until I turn the key off. The tachometer will stay in the red area whenever I manually put it in 1st gear and hold the gas pedal to the floor. I don't understand what is wrong with this piece of junk!!! No smoke or knocking , only has 382,590 miles on it , Oh boo-hoo!! Can somebody PLEASE tell me what to do with this useless information , or should I just repeatedly repost and not bother checking for responses????
Also , sometimes when going over little hills , on country roads , usually over 75-80 MPH , it will fee like it is going air-born and thump sometimes. Motor will only red-line when I put it in 1st gear (auto trans) manually and even then , it will only go up to 6500 rpms I can hold it there for miles , and it will not blow up ? What could be the problem???? Also the transmission ring gear has about a half inch of free-play (pulled cover off to inspect 2 years/100,000 miles ago) makes loud knock if it up-shifts while coasting. No matter what I do I cannot get it to fall apart??? What do you suggest??? Pass. side axle has been popping for about 65,000 miles , boot is broken , no grease , what should I do I can't pull it apart unless it breaks! HELP!!!
its not rattle or tick its a loud hum
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