1995 Toyota Camry Questions

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95 Camry, usually between 55-60mph, car feel like it's driving on rumble strips. If I push on gas or let off it it will stop, and drive normal through that speed? Took it to shop they said mabey tranny lockbox needs replaced? Gotta go to Philly in 3 weeks trying to get to the bottom of this more annoyance than anything else. Oh yeah the stutter for lack of a better word does NOT cause loss of power or engine issues. I don't hear anything else just vibrates the whole car until I either gas it or let off then gas it again??
my motor works. i have no movement when i press the switch.
Trying to install the replacement belt but pump pulley is at max tension. need to release tension to allow belt to go on
Battery works fine. ran fine home 2 days later nothing engine doesnt even make a effort to start no clicking sound or nothing if i try to start it the time displays goes dim thats it. What could it be?
So, I sea foamed my car(twice). First time I did 2/3 in the tank, and 1/3 in the vacuum line(no oil because I couldn't afford an oil change at the time).

2nd time I put the whole thing in the vacuum line and now fuel smell occurs. No smoke, but now it smells like fuel. What's that?
it will click once or twice or do nothing. once it is jump started, it drives good & seems to keep a charge for short periods of time.
I had the battery tested: good, w/ & w/o a load. They tested the starter & alternator - also good.
Only thing they could think of was,an electrical short or selenoid.
can you tell me how to fix & approx cost
starter replacement?
is this for the starter cylinoid?
starter replacement?
twice it died with a couple of "jumps", like gear shift jump while running slow. No engine lights or warning lights or messages show. Car idles and stops approx 1/10 times.
i have changed both master and slave cylinders and the fluid is full,there is no visible leaks.whats wrong with my car
What are the possible causes and solutions to this problem?
Hey! My car won't start. It doesn;t have sparks. I've changed the distributor.I put a brend new one. Now it starrts and work only 10 min and then it dies. when its hot. it wont start. The mechanic sait that it might be a relay problem but he is not sure. Can you please help me out. Thanks
My car does not start during or just after a rain, what could be getting wet that could cause this??
Car won't start. At auto shop the diagnostics showed the problem was the Ig. control Module, but their computer could not locate where it was! We took apart the distributor but could not find it to fix it.
The email for an answer is
Need estimate for labor on power steering rack and pinion replacement.
Car feels like it has flat tire when stopping and steering wheel vibrates as well
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