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My heat isn't hot..replaced the thermostat but still not hot..will my car over heat because of the problem?
Oil leak not bad but need to drive the car to doesn't overheat and the thermostat was has 203k miles on it but the ac still doesn't work either..will it make it to Florida?
So a friend tells me his 95 camry 4cyl just wont run. Its getting fuel it has great spark but doesnt run even using starting fluid it doesnt even try to fire. Any suggestions?
Brake light warning came on added a little fluid brake light went off also check engine for p0402 wtf?
I'm thinking of buying a cheaper Toyota Camry 1995 Coupe and putting the transmission into a Toyota Camry 1995 LE because my transmission broke. Is this possible? Thanks!
worked fine new w/s trans one year ago
Whirring up to 30MPH. Car runs OK. Will check tran fluid. 99,000 miles.
It runs great for days and then it will stall out and i have to wait for it to restart again and sometimes I have to have it towed. I have changed the distributor and sensors. I have had several mechanics work on it and none have been able to figure it out. I have disconnected the alarm and the remote start but nothing has helped.
When it is very hot outside and I go far distance my car over heats but if it's cold and I drive it drives good ...
Been trying to blow this damn thing up for over a year now, I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong!! PLEASE HELP
after several effort in starting it even pressing the pedal it wont still start. Just changed the fuel pump
How much does it cost to change a fuel pump in a 1995 Toyota came and where is it located and what the cost of pump.
I replace the IAC seems,checked for vacuum leaks,but still not right. Stumbles sometimes around 40, but beyond that she runs smooth.
replace key switch, problem still exist. being the car is in this state it burned up my fuel pump. have anyone experience this problem?
What is the problem or problems and how to repair?
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