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I have 2 1994 Toyota Camry's one had good engine and one had a good transmission both started and ran one just blew oil from hole in block but did run and the other one ran fine but had no drive. Swapped engines and the only difference one had an internal coil and the other external coil tryed it with both coils still wouldn't start but come to find out there was no spark and no fuel what could be causing this please any help would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance
Fuze blew and part of insturment cluster not working decided to let nephew look drove over and now it wont start. It started brefily for few min. Started putting back togher and died now back to just turnning over
tranny shifts beautifully at all speeds----car runs almost like new---only it clunks kinda hard in the morning from park into reverse---it will clunk into drive less hard---but if i warm it up--it will then shift into reverse smoothly. the car has 245,000K---other than that it runs great!!!
could it be a solenoid or mount?
I just called about a catalytic converter (front/exhaust manifold) and was asked whether my car was federal or california. I thought that distinction was only for the part being ordered, i.e., whether or not the catalytic converter itself was for use in california or other states as per difference in emmissions standards. The mechanic said, that if the car was designated California, then the bolts might not match up on a less expensive cat designed for emissions for other states. Is this correct?
Toyota hasnt been starting without being also stalls when getting off the freeway. I did all the basic troubleshooting... not the starter, alternator or battery. Theres a check enging light on, and the ecm needs to be replaced. I replaced the ecm two years ago. Could i just reprogram the ecm that already in there, or do i need to get a whole new one>
Car shuts down while driving mechanic says change fuel pump and filter no change .could it be the cam sensor or the alarm system cutting the fuel my main suspect is the alarm.
Oil was put in my radiator by mistake & I can’t seem to
Get it out & I flushed it
Power steering pump leaks and wondering if a new one would be better than a remanufactured one?
Turns on but only static
Wont start when hot, must wait to cool
I always check radiator nd had wster but just barely a tuny bit but ive noticed something leaking nd i dont hear fan go on
I am not getting power to my fuel pump.I removed the fuse box covers but it does not point out which fuse operates the fuel pump.
Trying to buy tha car but won't start because of antitheft system
my car will not go in reverse even in reverse even when my car is in Reverse it still goes forward straight like it's in Drive instead of going backwards.
leaking antifreeze from back side of engine right above the exhaust can not find leak where could it be coming from has new water pump please help
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