1993 Toyota Camry Questions

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Just needs replacing wont start
Ive have a toyota celica that has code 12 showing that will shut engine off after driving for a little while. After it aits for about 20 minutes starts back up and drives again for 10ish minutes before dying again. Repeats over and over again

What seems to make the problem better or worse? Using the air conditioner and longer travel time. Will make it across town but not more than 20 miles total
How long have you had this problem? about a week
Car runs well but has sporadic issues with starting, getting worse since vehicle purchased 2 weeks back. Fuel pump replaced, tested and works through bypassing relay when no start. Relay clicks when tested during no start, ohms not tested, no check engine light. Fuel from fuel filter when relay bypassed pressure not tested, ether used to check ignition, car starts then stalls, after car sits for a period varying 2min -to hours car usually starts but sluggish acceleration for 30 seconds then runs well, only seems to have starting issue after short trip and intermittent. Plugs, timing belt, throttle body replaced/repaired by previous owner at approximately 147000 miles
When the car is warmed up and gets going for a bit, the throttle pedal sticks or gets really stiff. When this happens, I will have to ride the break nearly the entire rest of the drive instead of actually using the throttle to move; it goes by itself. It will usually get up to about 2k-3k rpm and maintain around 2k. When attempting to stop the car with continue to trust itself. This happens worse after it rains and when the car is running for longer periods of time. The throttle body has been cleaned and I've also changed the spring that controls the throttle(not sure of the technical term, sorry). What could be causing this and has anyone successfully repaired it?
Can the ABS on a '93 Camry cause the break pedal to fall even after the master cylinder, rear drum breaks wheel cylinders, break fluid drained, & bled?
When driving 60 or higher and making a wide right turn or coming to a sudden stop my rear tire sounds like metal on metal ready to pop off.
Air filter maybe pls ant advice would be appreciated. Thanks
cause after I pulled it out my dome light personal lights side door lights and my radio does not work at all now and no one caneem to find me a 12v 2w bulb or fuse ?
I just got this used Toyota Camry and need to fix the choice of air flow - to front window or feet or direct on driver when a/c or heat is on _ it is stuck on the front/window and feet choice and changing the knob does not change the air flow _ is there a motor for switching this or is it manual and how to fix it- Thanks Joan
I had battery,starter tested both were OK. My Camry has 123,000miles and is a manual trans.the problem has happened a few times , far apart
I got a new alternator I got a new battery and yet my battery light still keeps coming on how do I fix this problem
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