1992 Toyota Camry Questions

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car sputter, or vibrates and smell of fuel inside the car no check engine light is on what could be the problem ? I have changed the spark plug, wires, and rotor;also, cap new fuel filter clean the combustion chamber as well. their is loss of power frequently.
Runs good at idle but not in gear.
Replaced timing belt all marks line up as they should. Car has no power.
sometimes fuel comes out from exhaust.
replaced ignition module/ignitor and ignition coil, still has no spark
My Camry every once and a while it takes 2 or 3 tries before it starts up and runs normal after that. I replaced the distributor, distributor cap, rotor, plugs, fuel filter, plug wires and fuel pump and it still does that. I checked the fuel pressure regulator, no fuel coming out the regulator when i remove the vacuum line and engine runs rough when i do remove the vacuum line from the regulator " i would think is normal". If anyone has any suggestions please reply. Thanks in advance.
The engine takes too long to start. It turns over normally and starts up normal most of the time and sometimes it takes about 2 or 3 tries before it starts up.
Signal lights in rear of car worked but the front one's didn't changed the front bulbs and then none of the signal lights worked but the hazard lights work. What could be wrong?
They don't come on so you can't do it manually
1992 camry starts idles high and low from 3000rpm back to 1000rpm. When put in d the engine sputter's and feels like the engine is rocking back and forward.

Not sure if its the file line/pump, ignition module, or transmission issue.

All fluids are great.

Any ideas or thoughts would be amazing thanks everyone.
Car cranks good. While driving the check engine light will come on. You can smell raw unburnt gas. The acetylation slow down and car doesn't wanna pick up speed all the while black smoke is coming from tailpipe. Sometimes it will cut itself off but will crank right back up and sometimes it straighten itself and run good and other times it seem like it is missing on the spark plug.
Coolant dripping under thermostat housing not sure exactly where it's coming from could I need a water pump. Will overheat in less than 4 miles. Happens when I drive it
I was driving and my tranny piped out of gear I just had my cv joints replaced
runs fine in park reverse and nuteral runs dies at stop r putting in drive
Lines havr been flushed. And blower works.
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