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what does do for the car
my left side window controle won lock and won window on my back passenger wont close and i just replaced the driver passenger window controle so it can b that could it be a fuse and were can i find it in the 1991 toyota camry le?
idle drops when coming to a stop,hesitation when accelirating
my cv joints are bad. today the front end started shaking and belt was making noise. found a ball bearing under the car. now it will not shift and rolls in park are these things related. i know i need to replace the front end.
When the key is turned in the ignition, some times the car starts immediately. Other times when the key is turned the dash lights turn on brightly but nothing else happens, the vehicle won't start. After numerous turns of the key it will suddenly start. What should I look for to repair? The battery is fully charged.
At times my windows won't open or close but if I open the door and reclose it the windows will start working. Does this have anthing to do with the door jam switch or is it in the window switch. The window switch was replaced just about 3 months ago.
I have read many posts on this subject but need a few more ideas.
My son was trying to replace his radio and shorted out many things in his car. I have replaced all the blown fuses and now only the taillights and parking lights do not work.
I have read many post about the little yellow box which I went to junkyard and replaced even though mine did not appear to be broken or burned. They still still did not work. I need any other ideas anyone has
How do you replace the front wheel studs on a 1991 Toyota Camery? I pulled the wheel off,took the brakes and rotor off,but I can't figure out how to get the smaller hub off to change the studs...any help would be appreciated
How involved is to replace the brake line. How much for the part and how much should it cost if a repair shop did the work?
I need pictures of the back of my 1988 Toyota Camry, 4 cyl. I have coolant leaking out as I excellerate....HELP!!!
Cold start and idle just fine and idles well for about the first 15 minutes. After that, low RPM and rough idle stall the engine when not touching the accelerator. Adusting throttle cable to increase idle RPM does not cure problem.
I cuurently have my toyota in the shop again to ahve the right lower control arm replaced. This is the third time I have to replce it in the period of seven months.
I spent a lot of time in the highway and realy did not want any know of these to break while in the hwy. Does anyone of possible cause to this issue? It is a used car with 205 thousand miles but still runs good.
Where canI get a manual/instructions on how to remove the engine and replace.

I want to have my car completely refurbished, inside and out. Is this a cost effective thing to do; I mean, rather than paying for a new car. I don't intend to have a Chip Foose redo, though it would be nice. I just want all the systems to work properly and to have the paint and passenger compartment like new. Also, I'd be interested in taking the car anywhere in the southwest to have the work done (I'm on the Miss Gulf Coast), so if you can suggest good places to contact, that would be immeasurably helpful. Thanks.
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