1991 Toyota Camry Questions

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None of windows will let up or down

Where is the relay for the headlights on warning? I'm tired of having to jump-start the battery in the rain.

How do I repair this?

can oil get in from outside or is it more likly that it's from a bad cam seal? how do I repace the seal?

For three days the green light that stays on when the AC is running, started blinking. I turned the AC off and then on and it ran fine. I was driving through flooded streets each time. Yesterday after driving my car with the AC on for about 11/2 hours the AC and the blower for the AC and heater just quit. I have check all fuses and they appear to be fine.

My Brake lights just quit. Checked the fuses and wiring - not sure what else to do. As I read other problems, I realized my cruise doesn't release now. Could this be related to the brake light switch, and how do I get to it?

a/c,alternator belt very loose. tightened tension as far as i can do these belts strtch out somehow

When you bleed the brakes, should the car be running or not?

My son car was fine earlier in the day. later that day he went to go somewhere and the car wouldn't come out of park.

need to change the transmission fluid

when the car is turned on the steering wheel locks up. I just replaced the ignition relay and the whole ignition and now the steering wheel is locked up when engine is on

what does do for the car

my left side window controle won lock and won window on my back passenger wont close and i just replaced the driver passenger window controle so it can b that could it be a fuse and were can i find it in the 1991 toyota camry le?

idle drops when coming to a stop,hesitation when accelirating

my cv joints are bad. today the front end started shaking and belt was making noise. found a ball bearing under the car. now it will not shift and rolls in park are these things related. i know i need to replace the front end.