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usually when cold i have to hold key in start position before it will start. also battery light and brake warning lights come on radio cuts in and out. car died went back to it an hour later and everything was fine. disconnected battery cable and alternater was charging. is this common? stumped
While driving, hood somehow got opened and came on windshield and got damaged (bent). Now it won't shut. may be some auto body shop can fix it. I saw a person who fixes the dent. He suggested that I may have to replace the entire hood and the attached hinges. I have tied with rope and it is risky to drive till it is fixed. It touches the alternator inside which makes sparks. Either it needs to be repaired or replaced. I would like to know the estimate and a reliable place to get it done.
How much to replace the distributor?
How much will it cost to get a crank pulley fixed ?
speedometer works but the rest of the gauges and dash lights don't. dash, heater, and sliding seat belts all went out at the same time and have not worked since. about a month ago. what's wrong?
After long trys to start it seems as if there is fuel going in and gets a start and for many times after that , but after sitting over night the same thing happens all over .Could this be small battery slow fuel pump or what ? Thanks !
were is the fuel pump located on the 1991 camry
Is there a special size batteries for this car ! Or what size do I need
is there a way to put a fuel booster ot help fuel to entections
i purchased a 1991 Camry the owner state runs fine but has a spun rod bearing. I am interested in the cost of repairing.
turns over good but fails to start for quite some time .Later on in the day it starts but slow about it!
What would be a good oil to use in my that has over 200,000 miles
gives off bumppy sound at 25 to 30 mph havent tried any faster .ruff sounding
Where is the exact location of the shift control solenoid ?
I have a random issue that effects the door locks, windows and heat control panel lighting.
Occassionally, when the window is rolled down it will not roll back up.(big problem in Minnesota winter!). Also the doors will not lock from the drivers side control panel. I need to individually lock each door.
And the control panel light for the heater is out.
Any repair suggestions?
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