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American made axle
I can lock with drivrs side door with the key, I can lock it with the door lock switch on the drivers door, but they all pop back up.
the emergency brake also, isn't working....
hello there... my retired neighbors reverse lights arent working, trying to help him out. Dont think it's the bulbs & i'm pretty sure a fuse wouldnt control just the reverse lights. Advance auto(ugh)said it was a reverse module in the console(automatic on the floor)but i was thinking more a back up light switch....any ideas...?
replaced fuei pump drove it two days when i parked and tryed to start. it would not start took the top line of the filter loose and no fuel any ideal? thanks
Just bought the car and no wiper fluid will come out. Don't know if it is the pump or not. The fluid tank is full.
please explain why it won't fit, if answer is no. Thank you
What cause idle to raise and lower until warm?
starter wont do any thing at all after trying to start a few times
The first day I bought this car, I drove it from Jasper, Tn, to Chattanooga, Tn. I noticed the temperature gauge going way up, the car had over-heated. I immediatly turned it off and opened the hood, the hose going into the over-flow was steaming pretty bad. I then took off the radiator cap (very slowly) and there wasnt any anti-freeze in it. So added some, later come to find out I had a bad hose leak. So I replaced all the hoses, thermostat, and the car seemed to hold antifreeze. But, then I noticed a day or two later the temperature gauge going up again. I checked the antifreeze level and it was low again. I took it to a mechanic shop and he couldnt find that it was leaking. He suggested that it was probably burning it and that it was the head gasket leaking. But I dont have any smoke coming out, or any milky antifreeze or oil. So I took his advice and bought some stuff called "true blue" head gasket sealer. Well, it didnt work. It clogged my thermostat and the car over heated again. Took out the termostat, but the car is still losing antifreeze. I have no idea whats going on, someone please help me! Worst cooling system problem I have ever had.
i can jump it from the diagnostic box under the hood and it still will not run
My 1991 Camry DX starts fine from a cold start on a hot day (100 degrees and up). But after I drive home from work (14 miles) and stop for errands, I need to wait about 40 minutes for the car to completely cool before it will start again. This does NOT happen if I drive th 14 miles, park and turn car off, and then immediately restart the car. In fact, it usually doesn't happen if I stop for 10 minutes and then restart. It happens on the second stop (like if I stop to buy groceries, then drive to another store and stop again, the second time I try to start it I have to wait.) The car has a new (refurbished) alternator, a new radiator, new battery, have checked all the fluids, has a lot of new hoses including main radiator hose, and the cold start injector was just replaced. My mechanic is stumped. Also, the car never stalls while driving (thank god). The problem is only on start. It either cranks but doesn't start (all panel lights light up) or starts but dies when I put it in gear. One thing that seems to help is giving it gas while starting, then revving the engine before putting it in gear. Any thoughts would be appreciated. The car has 122,000 miles.
i have a car that works like new until you ask it for more it will hesitate and when i step on the gas you can hear the heavy air intake, but will not increase in power, have changed:fuel filter, plugs, checked exhaust,fuel pump, rotor and cables, not sure!
when the engine is warm enough,what cause the temperature needle goes on and off,please help
Is there a place for grease on top of strut
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