1991 Toyota Camry Questions

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when i pump the gas pedal it helps increase pick up also has no power when passing
the car doe,s this every time i drive it
When I slow down at an intersection or slow down for a corner and attempt to accurate the car revs like it is in neutral. The problem goes away once the car has cooled down. Do I need to replace the transmission or could it be something else, like a sensor?
If there is anyone else having this problem, this link may be of use although currently there is no resolution to the issue
Hey everybody I am having a problem with the car. It runs great but lately, when I am driving and want to accelerate at about 40mph (I don't mean stomping on it, just typical normal driving), it bucks and stutters and really doesn't want to accelerate. It's an intermittent issue but has been happening more frequently and has begun to happen when at red lights and stop signs--doesn't sound like a stall-out but just not grabbing-on for a few seconds. It's the same when I try to replicate it when in neutral but not as obvious. Any clues?

I am going to do plugs and wires asap. Idles smooth and always starts right up (besides the starter on its way out a little bit).
If I slow down to about 20 it will change, then I don,t have any more problems. This happens the first time I drive it on any given day. If I park it for 4 or 5 hours, the problem starts all over again.
just the boots
it only stalls out when I put it in drive if I put the car in reverse it runs fine why would it do this inj drive and not reverse
I am hearing clicking noises when I stop but not every time. It is usually one click if it happens at all. I drive 1000 miles a week and the car seems fairly solid but I would like your input
I have a "91 Toyota Camry"

I just disconnected and reconnected the alternator.. I didn't disconnect the battery terminal until half way through the project. I noticed a minor spark when unbolting the alternator ground then remembered to disconnect the battery.

Today I put the alternator back in and I'm sure that I reconnected all of the wires properly, but the car WOULD NOT START and has no indications of power, i.e. no dash lights and nothing electrical works; everything seems dead presently.

I found that the main alternator fuse connected to the positive battery cable was blown and replaced it, but the car still won't start and has absolutely no power.


What other fuses may have blown? What other problems might there be? Is there a way that the circuit breakers have been tripped? How do I check the circuit breakers? How do I know if the brain or computer is now defective?

The car ran fine before i disconnected and then reconnected my alternator.
checked fuse box its fine all other lights work with exception the check light is on but all lights are working, unsure where else to check or try to fix need help please
the front drivers side axle needs replaced also the passengers side but on a very fixed income so wondering if can do only drivers side first till have money to fix other side thank you
when i give the coil direct power then it will sart again
when its in reverse with the brake down the heater and the gauge work and reverse lights work but if not the heater,temperature gauge and reverse dont work but the r on the shifter blinks everytime i hit the brake plz help me i cant figure it out
I just put a fuel pump on it. When accelerating from a stop car will barely pull like it doesn't have overdrive, or like it's not getting enough gas, but after it gets up to like 10 to 15 mph the car drives normal. After it gets to about 15mph it will down shift when you floor it and accelerate like it's suppose to. I can't seem to figure out what's wrong with it.
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