1991 Toyota Camry Questions

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I am needing to replace this part but do not know what it is exactly or the part number to be sure to get the right part. Also is it necessary to have the fuse part or can I just use a basic battery cable?
The lights switch on the dash keep comeing on backs lights show on they are on in the car now car will not start I done two jumps it starts back put cuts right. And go back dead and would not stay on either.
Have been searching for weeks for this part but cannot find it. I did a diagnostic jumper and the only code i get is 24. I tried resetting the codes but still get the same 24. Please help.
Is there a fill tube or is it on the differential

The grinding is from the differential
Car starts and idles fine. But will not engage into drive or reverse
Every time I attempting to drive it slips and won't move also terrible grinding
Back up lights don't come on
mechanic says crankcase oil is leaking and would cost $700 to change gasket or seal.
What could be causing these to happen
So Im trying to fix these brake lights, Ive never traced a wire problem in a car, but I got a multimeter, how do I read an electrical diagram and find the source of my problem? Ive fixed parts related to the problem but I think its a wire, Im tracing wires, any tips? thanks :)
I had the new altenator checked and it was good but it was not charging the battery. If it is not the alt or the battery what could be causing this to happen
Towed to mechanic who estimated $500+ to repair. Could I do this repair myself? ? I found a new, complete set of part (s) online. Any other possible causes? Oh yes, it sometimes hesitates, or engine just stops at red lights or even when driving slowly. Odd. Any ideas for me?
when I stop, the car in drive. I shift to N and it stops. At one point I excelerated to quickly and the car stopped. Glad it turned right back on when I started it. The rear light warning also comes on when I shift into gear. The mech that installed the ALT. says the engine has seen its day. I think he's seen his dad. I think he didn't tighten the belts enough. Can you please advise? Thank you so much!
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