1990 Toyota Camry Questions

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I would like to get the R-12 freon if at all possible as I need the air conditioning to work in my car. Thank you!
I replaced the o2 sensor and the it starts OK. However, after a day or so it start doing the same thing. Hesitate to start with the check engine lite coming on ant then goes off after the car warms up. I replace the plugs, but the same problem re-occurs. When I took off the o2 sensor and clean it with a dry cloth the car starts O.K.
Is it a good deal
Old but well maintained. 176K on odometer. No prior drips , whines, hard shifting
I've tested the wires to the motor and the switch is working properly. I've tested the motor with 12v and it works fine too but when I plug it into the switch it doesn't even try!? It's acting like the window lock is stuck on? How do I bypass that?
The hose on my egr valve was missing so I replaced it and connected it to the egr vacuum module but when I start driving, it only goes 30mph and when I leave them disconnected I could hear the air from the egr valve. What is causing that problem?
We have replaced the igniter, relays, Ecu and twice the distributer. The distributer was replaced with refirbished parts. I have ordered a new one and have yet to put it in. If this does not work WHAT DO I DO?? Please contact with any knowledge or advice, Code 11 showed up before replacing ECU. More details upon inquiry
can push and from rolling and running can shift. No signs from clutch that may be going out ran good to work after work started up but wouldn't allow to go into any gear
Our 1990 Toyota sits out side and the horn has quit working. Car runs fine but this problem has just started happening. Also, the AM side of the radio quit working.
Want to replace the open door buzzer!!
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