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A man took part of the dash off , he didn't go behind the speedo meter and he said it was a special board or something not a bulb for it . Then when he put it back , my speedometer is wiggling and not right . Could a wire be squashed now for my speedometer to act up? And no hazard light ? But car can't get expected without the front gear shift changer lighting up. When I push the overdrive button , that shows up red . Please help me , I need my car inspection to get done . It's 2.0 engine. Dx or DL is the car .
The heater fan only works on medium and high settings. The car is a 1988 Toyota Camry.
I am getting a code that my IAT sensor is bad but i cant find it to replace it. Can anyone help please. I have been fixing this for over 2 months
when i shift into reverse it does not it does not move but when i shift into nuetral it drives but not like in drive but like in a low gear toyota camry 1990 automatic transmission v6 engine
It is a yellow box with a circuit board in it. The box has a hole burned into it. The tail light won't work with out it .
How much does it cost
Where do I get a replacement
How much does it cost
I would like to get the R-12 freon if at all possible as I need the air conditioning to work in my car. Thank you!
I replaced the o2 sensor and the it starts OK. However, after a day or so it start doing the same thing. Hesitate to start with the check engine lite coming on ant then goes off after the car warms up. I replace the plugs, but the same problem re-occurs. When I took off the o2 sensor and clean it with a dry cloth the car starts O.K.
Is it a good deal
Old but well maintained. 176K on odometer. No prior drips , whines, hard shifting
I've tested the wires to the motor and the switch is working properly. I've tested the motor with 12v and it works fine too but when I plug it into the switch it doesn't even try!? It's acting like the window lock is stuck on? How do I bypass that?
The hose on my egr valve was missing so I replaced it and connected it to the egr vacuum module but when I start driving, it only goes 30mph and when I leave them disconnected I could hear the air from the egr valve. What is causing that problem?
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