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2 wheel drive with traction option
I had to have the car jumped after a. Licking noise and no power. Then the power steering went out and came back
car acts like it has power but it just clicks rapidly
Charged battery last night. Started this morning. Drove 10 miles. Won't start again. If I remove the battery positive cable and insert amp meter what should the reading be? I am getting 3.64. I had the battery checked at Toyota dealer and at Sams and they both said the battery is good. I need to do something. It will leave me stranded if I go anywhere.
2016 Toyota Avalon Limited - New 4,700 miles.
When accelerating from a stop or slow roll, vehicle hesitates 1-3 seconds, when slightly stepping on gas to go. This hesitation has happened at least 1/2 dozen times, and has put driver and occupants in harms way. Took it to dealer, but they were unable to reproduce issue, and thus could not resolve the problem. Dealer said, they had tested it diagnostically and by driving vehicle. Dealer had no answer for the problem. Dealer said if it happens again, bring it back in for further testing. Am thinking I soon could be calling the dealer from the hospital, or from 6ft under ground. (BTW, it's been in the high 90's temperature wise; I read online that it could possibly be related to a heat build up under the hood...Mentioned it to the dealer, but they didn't try to simulate the hot conditions. Any suggestions?
It's 2 weeks old and I never had so much water come from a car after driving it.
It's been very hot in Florida, but I only went a short distance this evening, 5miles, round trip.
Other times, it's as bad, with daytime driving of about 30 miles, round trip..
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